Cost of Thriving

          Remember the american dream was to not just get by, but to actually live better and have a bright future.

          The Cost-of-Thriving Index: Reevaluating the Prosperity of the American Family, by Oren Cass, executive director of American Compass is a good read. Okay, "good read" in that it provides a way to objectively quantify why the American Dream is becoming A Nightmare on Elm Street for so many people.

Capitalism is Not the Problem

          I have seen some "let's kill capitalism" sentiment expressed of late. Capitalism is not the problem, nor is any other economic 'ism inherently better. The key to "better" is in the implementation details.

          Economists want to think of themselves as being a part of the "hard sciences" because Reasons. After-all they award a Nobel Prize in Economics, don't they.

Economists have no idea how capitalism works

The experts have been asking these exact same questions for at least five years, maybe longer.
At a certain point any unbiased critique would have to conclude that the experts either don't care what the answer is (in which case they aren't experts at all), or they are completely incompetent (in which case they aren't experts at all).