Economic Depression

The costs of the covid lockdowns are far too high

One of the legacy problems of Trump is that criticism of the covid response became a partisan issue. It should never have been. The Trump Administration completely botched the response to the pandemic, but that doesn't mean that doing the opposite of the Trump response is the correct response either.

2020 Depression: Retail and Travel Services Getting Crushed

News from just the last 3 days is showing just how grim things are for retail establishments. Below is a list of places I've read about filing for bankruptcy or closing outright. There are undoubtedly others. I imagine you're probably familiar with some of these places:

--Bed, Bath, & Beyond announced it is closing 200 of its 955 stores nationwide.


The Coronavirus is Finishing the Collapse of America

This is the subtitle of an article published on Medium by Umair Haque. Ironically, the day before Jimmy Dore called our attention to this article in a conversation with Dylan Ratigan, our own Steven D posted a comment in reply to a tweet on Twitter. I saw his comment and added my own. Our two comments may be more prescient than either of us realized at the time we posted them.