# Donald Trump

Funny Question at the Close of the Year: Will Donald Trump be as bad as G.W. Bush?

The many... not so deeply digging... among us keep asking funny questions. Like this one, which I picked up from a Q&A site.

To me, smarter questions would be: Was Obama any better than Bush? Or: Would Hillary Clinton have been better than G.W., or Obama, or Trump?

A Final Appeal to all the Bernie Supporters Who’ve Joined HER Since Philadelphia

We shared a lot when we took on Hillary Clinton this Spring. I remember in particular the frustration we felt at the character assassination campaign her supporters waged against Bernie and us, that despicable effort which ultimately did succeed in denying him the nomination, a dream which once seemed so promising.

But much has changed since then. I know most of you are now supporting Clinton’s campaign because, in large part, Bernie asked you to do so. I couldn’t persuade myself to follow his recommendation for some reasons I’d like to make clear in this essay.