Funny Question at the Close of the Year: Will Donald Trump be as bad as G.W. Bush?

The many... not so deeply digging... among us keep asking funny questions. Like this one, which I picked up from a Q&A site.

To me, smarter questions would be: Was Obama any better than Bush? Or: Would Hillary Clinton have been better than G.W., or Obama, or Trump?

The correct answer to all these questions is: They are all the same ruthless, corrupt, murdering goons who are pushing America further down the drain. No exception. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering they are all from the ruling class and in bed with the rest of the ruling class, and pushed upon us by the ruling class, and appointed through an “election” system corrupted and run by the ruling class.

You hesitate to agree? You think Obama was better?

Did Obama close Guantanamo Bay and send home all those innocent captives? (yes, most are innocent as far as we know, simply kidnapped off the street and sold to our military by warlords wanting the very generous bounty offered by our military without any thought of what dangling around this kind of money would do in lawless zones of the world)

Did Obama work to repeal the Patriot Act? No, he added new acts to make it even worse!

Did Obama end our foreign wars of oil and gas conquests? No, he expanded them. Now we are even in Somalia, and the Syrian and African refuges flooding Europe are the direct result of Obama’s (and Hillary’s) wars in Libya and Syria.

Every Tuesday, Obama orders drone strikes on far away civilians, most of them “collateral damage” in the tens and hundreds.

Did Obama fix our economy after the banks ruined it? No, he was at the head of those who bailed out those banksters with our tax money so they could go right back to screwing us and working towards the next big crash.

Did he at least make true on his campaign promise of single payer, affordable healthcare? No, again! Obamacare is a sick parody of his promises, once again only making the greedy private insurers richer at our expense. I had to go without health insurance when unemployed, just as before Obamacare. Only, this time I had to pay a penalty on top of it when tax time came along.

And don’t get me started on the Clintons…

When will more of us wake up and realize the robber billionaires and their well-paid allies from the political class are playing and looting us until all our lives – and even the chance for human life on Earth – are gone? It’s time for us to grasp reality and fight back!

(the original post appeared on Beanstock's World)
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and we have little say in how this country is run. But not nearly enough want to do what it takes to fight back. Most of those pretending to fight back are in effect perpetuating the problem by focusing on questions like the title of this essay instead of how to change this political system so we have a fighting chance. We'll keep doing that until the next election, then we'll hear the same questions again.

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Over at DownWithTyranny, some commenters still believe that the only possible remedy to our current crises is to revamp the Democratic Party from within. These folks clearly failed to discern how little Bernie Sanders achieved despite raising a lot of money, attracting a lot of voters, and almost win the nomination as a Democrat.

I don't claim to be a student of European History, but the peasant uprising of the French Revolution didn't spring up overnight. I am going to hazard a guess that the economic crisis which spawned the French Revolution had its roots during the reign of Louis XIV. His grandiose constructions had to have affected the French economy even if the effects of his profligate spending didn't become evident for a fairly long while. Louis was still able to wage wars and build palaces and do all of the other things deemed the Right of Kings.

Add in his revocation of religious tolerance, and the division of French society into haves and have noughts, and the seeds were planted. It may have taken another 80 years to ripen, but the collapse of the French royalty was launched.

It isn't going to take 80 years for the people of the US to become restive. How long it will take depends in part on the damage Hair Drumpf does to this nation. When enough people want for the basics, that is the time to watch for the spark to ignite the uprising. It will be bloody, for the neocon corporatists aren't about to surrender power lightly. They already don't care how many of us die due to want or neglect.

Addendum: The attached video struck me as appropriate to current events. I'd change the Austrian for the follower of Austrian Economics and drop the uniforms for Red caps and t-shirts boasting Making America Great Again.

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Vowing To Oppose Everything Trump Attempts.

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continue with an oligarchic political system. Figures. Kind of like JackPine Radicals who don't appear all that radical, not when most are still stuck to the democratic party in some way. All it takes is a Bernie Sanders and they're right back with it. Maybe next time it will be Tulsi Gabbard, ya, bring on the next election.

The French Revolution was also during the Age of Enlightenment. We could use a little of that right now.

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between Trump and any other president we've elected over the last 40 years. The name of the party in power may change but not much else.

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Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end the faster it goes.

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Booz, Allen and Hamilton continue on as one of the invisible fingers on the invisible hand.

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"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."
John Cage

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Despite all it's powers, genie was struck until some one popped the cork. Popping the cork proved easy because everyone was in ignorance of what power lay inside.

We are not ignorant of what lays inside the DemocRATic Partei Party. It has been evident to many here at c99 that the Democratic cannot be reformed from within. Like a diseased tree which rots from within, the outside usually looks comparatively good. Now anyone can see the putrefying mess that is the DP. You cannot rebuild something rotten at its core. Cut it down or let it fall, then start anew. Actually the re-start should begin before the moribund tree collapses.

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