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More Divisive ID politics

This one’s an upside-down version of Jimmy Dore’s interview with a Boogaloo Boy in which the Message got buried by the Messenger. It seemed to have spawned another epic Twitter Spat.

Naomi Wolf joins Tucker Carlson to warn we’ve become a Covid-19 police state. Guess which one liberals think is the bigger crime?’, Helen Buyniski, RT.com, Feb. 23, 2021

“But Wolf’s words – broadly appealing though they may be to the inhabitants of a country pummeled within an inch of its life by years of suicidal government policies that bailed out mega-corporations and waged ruinous wars while leaving ordinary people twisting in the wind – were lost on many in her audience. These zeroed in on Carlson as if he – not what Wolf described as the “merger of corporate power and government power really characteristic of Italian fascism in the ’20s” – was the real authoritarian threat.