With a Ready Smile and Sparkling Eyes

That was my dad, until dementia got the better part of him.

As my dad's dementia progressed so did the loss of sparkle and life in his face. His family, who knew him so well could still feel the most subtle sparks of that spirit until the end. What carried him through the sometimes obvious, and sometimes oblivious (to him) condition was the love of his family.

ByeDone: the context of the record player statement

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. Step inside, step inside.

You have heard of him giving a totally OT rambling response wherein he suggests parents have their children listen to the record player at night? It's getting as much play as his "We never put children in cages" statement out their in MSM world.

While the latter quote is a lie, the record player gaffe (?) is even more problematic.