The Deep State blinks: pulling back from the precipice

Deep State, deep fake?

Foregoing discussion of what constitutes the Deep State, DS, consider one of the most prominent extrusions of the DS into our daily lives. It is called the government. The government as originally conceived by the intellectuals, was a social function which endeavored to provide for the life and wellbeing of the common folk. But government has never been such. Government always coerces the poor at the behest of the rich.

When the outright plundering and abuse rise toward the surface for all to observe, the DS is resolute in crushing any contrarian opinions or actions. Keeping the DS deep requires everything necessary for a cover-up, literally a masquerade disguising all publicly observed misdeeds with innocuous or patriotic themes. Thus, the fourth estate, is throttled into submission. Exemplars of good propaganda are then promoted into media stars. Mirror stars, whose elegance and eminence are only or primarily reflected onto themselves when looking into a mirror.

Witness Adam Schiff, the Master of Disaster. Put lipstick on this pig--still ugly and smelly. He should have eyelid relaxation therapy.

Somethings are fresh and novel the first time experienced: like Russia-gate. Most of us knew that this was a very grimm fairy tale. Like a song, a bad one at that, which you can't get out of our heads, this fairy tale was glaringly presented daily, nightly, continuously intruded upon our consciousness. MK Ultra-like in intensity, Russia-Gate tried to banish both sense and sensibility from our consciousness.

The DS came up empty, as twin terrors Robert "Beto the Swan" Müller and Andrew Weissmann could not find enough dirt to smudge a white glove. Pout! Dang! Try again.





Ukraine-Gate! Yes! That's the ticket! Just what is needed to extract the Orange Man from the WH, where Hillary Rodent Clinton should reside once more.

From the viewpoint of originality UG is like the 17th season of a sit-com which should have been cancelled 13 years ago. Seen it before--didn't even change the location much. Same cast. Same plot. Only the country's name has been changed to protect the guilty

Sorry, Nancy. I don't like your retreaded RG, now called UG. You even got the same cast. Imran Awan. Oleg Deripaska. Sergiiy Moglievich. JoJo ByeDone. The Chalupa choir. Plus: Hunter and the Honeypots. That's one cracking good show. Snort.

My words can never convey properly the degree of disgust and disdain this essay bears within its heart. I don't hide it well, here, do I?

The Democrat Partei is one side of Regis Corporatarium. The other side is composed of Repugnants. First, understand that both Partei's are shell companies, whose owners live in downtown skyscraper penthouses and Caribbean villas. Congress critters (CC) are merely the lackeys and boot-licks pandering toe every whim of their masters.

The DS is not monolithic. Inside it are different factions whose aims are the same but whose methodologies differ. Thus, when harmony is disrupted, such as occasionally happened amongst the Five Families, fighting erupts. Damage is done. Spheres of influence are readjusted. I'll take Adams-Morgan, please. You may keep Georgetown--for now

The currently larger and currently most powerful fragment of DS currently basics globalistic operates through the Dem Partei with assistance of GS (George Soros). These Deep Pocket Dem Backers (TPTB) have infused Nervous Nancy's coffers with an infusion of courage (usually spelled m o n e y).

UG was created as one pincer of the coup against Trump. The other is impeachment. Nervous N. knew full well that that pincer 2 was a big flop from its inception. Do it--you Swing-state DemReps can say bye-bye to DC. El Trumpo gets elected. D's get demolished in national legislature. Concerns in Pincer 2 (impeachment) are political.
Concerns in UG extend to treason.

Digression: Trump is an egotistical narcissist (redundantly putting it), a crook, but not a sociopath (unless you call reducing the amount of food stamps the USG will be issuing anti-social). Do not for one minute that non-politician Trump has been seething with increasing resentment and hatred for his oppressors. He has the opportunity, the motive, the POWER to literally destroy all his enemies. Why would he hold back? DJT is accused of impetuosity, which is true. But he is also capable of enormous restraint--until--the Dems go too far.

Approaching the Precipice

The impeachment trap is one designed to be used against Trump, but the Dems have been outmaneuvered.
Impeach--Trump wins in 2020.
Don't impeach--the party ruptures.

Either way, Dems lose. TPTB know this. They have told Pelosi to pull back, else their whole organization goes over the cliff. TPTB (Dem side of DS) don't want to waste time and money by having to reconstruct another subservient soviet of legislators. (Notice Russian allusion).

Civil War Averted--or merely delayed?

Bystanders and rally attendees at Minneapolis' Trump rally were subject to uninvited and unwarranted violence by the Fasciste calling them selves Antifa. Violence at Portland OR ICE facility. Encouragement from Mad Maxine to harass any and all Trumpians. Inflammatory rhetoric from the Squad. Acts of petty domestic terrorism based upon a self-endowed righteous indignation--are becoming increasingly more common.

Rashida Tlaib, who dreams of jailing Trump, talks about how the House of Representatives can arrest Federal Officers such as Bill Barr. This is scary. First of all, Tlaib is a loose cannon spitballer. One of her fave names for the Orange Man is the folksy appellation: "Mofo". Clearly this woman doesn't really have a finely tuned grasp of social niceties. If she indeed could somehow entice the HR into attempting to arrest the federales, this in reality could fracture the political fabric irrevocably.

Such a happening is indeed unlikely, for reasons described below, but consider that Rashida puts the cuffs on Mr. Barr or Dunham. The coexistence between the executive and legislative branches will be forever weakened. Possibly impaired to the point in which one of the two branches commands so much more power as to vitiate any pretense of authority from the other government branch.

Considering that as a quite possible outcome, TPTB are pulling N.N. back from the precipice of possible civil war.

Here's a strong sign of Impeachment Pullback

The only person proven to lie at every opportunity, other than H. Rodent Clinton, is one Adam Schiff. AS wrote the fictitious script of the Trump-Zedlensky which he proudly presented to Congress--oopsie. Trump had already released the transcript, two of which's stenographers were WH-attached CIA. AS back pedaled. Yeah, it's a parody. A sad parody. A sad parody of what is supposed to be the productive purpose of government.

Can a person without a whistle be a whistleblower? I dunno. But the usual has happened with the Whistleblower plot. Ever since the bona fides of WB number 2, you know the one with "direct knowledge" of the T-Z call, were revealed, the story's credibility sank faster than JoJo's poll numbers. Guy worked with/for Biden for almost 30 years. Dem contributor. Well-known anti-Trumper. The whistleblower probably isn't.

AS now says that maybe maybe the WB be questioned in a SCIF (securely compartmented information facility)--stenographer. No visual. No audio. Voice masking. Facial concealment. Yeah, but this will be under oath. Be sure the Repugs will leak stuff as fervently as does AS.

Jerry No Neck Nadler has been banished to the corner . He is such a fool that laughter is immediately the response to his mock seriousness.

This DS withdrawal is not the end of the story. The story will continue until 2024.

Leave no loose ends

Conjecture: under threat already, dating back to Feb. 2017, of Trump being convicted of crimes and jailed, would it be surprising that 4-10-20 eliminates his enemies. I mean like erased. Like neutralized. Like rubbed out. Like swimming with the fish (and alligators).

How close do you think we are to Civil War, not merely a coup? JFK's assassination was a coup. Taking out Trump will provoke violence in the streets. Think this might happen?

Be clear about this:

This Is War

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Perhaps one of these days, in their zeal for “impeachment” or whatever, one of these ostensibly anti-Trump Deep State drilling crews will accidentally break through the roof of the Salt Mine of Secrets the insiders have been hoarding in the dark, out of public sight and mind, since Truman, Eisenhower, and JFK . . .

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@lotlizard Too bad there isn't a recording of the roaring sucking sound made by the whirlpool--we could then play it during elections to commemorate the number of Democraptic legislative losses due for 2020.

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The shady arrangement between the Atlantic Council and Burisma – the gas company at the center of the ‘Ukrainegate’ scandal – is just one dubious deal out of many at a DC think tank that has become a clearinghouse for legal corruption.
By Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal argues that the Ukrainegate scandal also highlights a web of corruption and meddling inside Ukraine implicating other prominent US figures and institutions.

The dims are done. I think they schemed to re-elect the Donald. Only a major financial collapse will defeat him at this point.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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some more time/years with Drumpelstiltzchen and what's left of the Democratic Party ?

Now I will read this two-letter melange of an alligator deep-murky manifesto again. Thinking alligators ... uff... they bite. I tried twice already and all I get is bitten some more.

But I love you all, bites and warts and ... included.

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Trauma is not what happens to you, but what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you. - Dr. Gabor Mate

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@Lookout Trump kinda sorta implied asking for a favor from Zelensky. But the military aid later provided after the T-Z phone call was not used as leverage to extract a favor. Zelensky says the probe on Hunter and the Honeypots was started in February 2019, months before the T-Z call. Months before any military aid was promised.

I disagree with Maté and Blumenthal, that Trump was inappropriate in asking for Zelensky's help / cooperation with Barr-Durham. What is improper about asking a country to investigate corruption, especially when such corruption has direct and indirect impacts on US foreign policy. Even though the US is amazingly hypocritical about interfering in national affairs round the globe, being the world's largest bully extortionist, in principle there is nothing improper about the help requested.

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@Alligator Ed
instigated by the dims and the pressure they exerted to get rid of the AG of Ukraine much worse the Trumpilini's "wrong doing". But they are ALL corrupt oligarchs no matter how you cut it.

If impeachment really was the goal, emoluments has always been the way to go. The dims have blown it again!

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”