'debate' 2020

the Abject Obscenity of ‘Debate’ 2020

‘Hell’, hieronymous bosch

I’d only managed to watch for twenty minutes or so, but Trump would not STFU, constantly interrupting not only Biden, but moderator Chris Wallace himself, creating Joe memes such as ‘Shut up, man’, ‘Can’t you quiet this clown’, ‘Why can’t Wallace control Trump?’, etc.  Yes, it was chaos, but apparently these two capitalist duopoly candidates were the best this Empire in its last throes could field. 

At one point Biden had proclaimed that ‘Roe v. Wade is on the ballot’.  Trump: ‘Now I have to debate the moderator on my medical plan?’

Two men’s editorials follow.  I’ll know you’ll say what you saw and/or perceived.  ; )