Daniel Lazare

Three Facts to Keep in Mind in the Time of Impeachment

Wherever I write, I am aware that I represent a minority of one, who regards the US Constitution with total distain for the injustice and corruption that it has introduced into the lives of modern Americans. It has made it possible for their lives to be trashed morally, economically, and legally inside their own country, while pitting citizen against citizen as they are forced down into a cruel, god-foresaken, social dystopia. And the Constitution's cluelessness about the modern world has allowed the people's tormentors to be elevated to the highest positions of authority in the land, where they legally hide their abuses behind their classified documents. Yet it is a rare human being that will put the blame where it clearly belongs.

Daniel Lazare is one of the rare ones.

Bob in Portland nails Mueller at Consortium News

In the comments to a good article by Daniel Lazare, asking why Mueller didn't investigate the Seth Rich murder, the writers provide a fascinating discussion about Rich, and Bob in Portland does his best work. This series of comments is one of the best things I've read at Consortium News.