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So Many People With Nothing Left to Lose

I came across this article that examines the protests and focuses specifically on the media narrative of violence and looting. It gives us a good jumping off point to further discuss points brought up in comments in some of the most recent essays on the protests.

In this article, the writer interviews

This is your politics on Media Drugs (new title)

Its my opinion that national politics has become hallucinogenic. The corporate media and the political elites do not discuss reality, but rather discuss manufactured nonsense. TPTB have realized that their fake liberal shtick just isn't playing in Peoria anymore. After Obama, people are "not going to get fooled again" by the likes of Harris or Booker or Biden. So, it seems that they decided to make democracy completely irrelevant by making the national political discourse insane.

Nothing proves anything

That's the title of a fairly philosophical essay at Counterpunch about why rational people are increasingly frustrated by the current forms of "argumentation". Because facts just don't matter any more, as we have seen repeatedly: DNC cheating, Hillary's emails, Syrian gas attacks, Skripal poisoning, Iran agreement withdrawl, accusations of unprovoked Iranian attacks (in the face of 100 self-admitted Israeli attacks on Iranian forces). The facts just don't matter.

Corporate Media Is The Poison/The Baffler: "#RIPMyShillaries: An end to the era of professionally explained candidates"

Last night I went to a dentist appointment and they had the ubiquitous big flat screen tv which was tuned to CNN. If I had just entered a restaurant I probably would have walked out; if obliged to sit in a waiting room more often than not I ask if anyone is watching it, and either ask to switch it off or to change the channel. There was even a flat screen tv in the patient's room where I had my teeth cleaned.

Aiding and Abedding a Corporate Coup

"The League of Women Voters is withdrawing its sponsorship of the presidential debate scheduled for mid-October because the demands of the two campaign organizations would perpetrate a fraud on the American voter," League President Nancy M. Neuman said today.

DWS Unwittingly told us the 'Truth', according to the DNC

Debbie Wasserman Schultz "accidentally" told the truth about the purpose of Super-delegates in the Democracy Party -- and it has very little to do with promoting grassroot democracy -- just the opposite actually.

Super-delegates exist to control and diminish grassroot democracy, from ever threatening the Party elite's tenuous hold on power.

Media to reach the people?

The mainstream media is electing Hillary Clinton. I think it is purposeful, planned, and intentional. It revolves around profit, because that is the focus of corporations. Maintaining the status quo (especially Citizens United) promotes big media, and profit of the 1% (and really the 0.1%) corporate media mongols. Passing the TPP will accelerate media profits by protecting their “intellectual property” (despite their intellectual bankruptcy). That's why you never hear a MSM TPP story.

It Should Be Over For Hillary

Great article on Salon, just hoping the videos don't start blaring... Bill Curry just wrote a wonderful piece that kind of took me aback, and expresses very clearly many things I've been thinking and feeling about the state of affairs in the Democratic Party, as well as the media. The whole thing is worth a read:

It Should Be Over for Hillary; Party Elites and MSNBC Can't Prop Her Up after Bernie's Michigan Miracle