Life with CBDCs w/ update

I have some free time on occasion. My brain travels to the future, when Banksters exert control over my life to comport with what is best for them.

Imagine finding a car to purchase. The dealer informs me my transaction was rejected. I follow up with a call to customer service, and a bot informs me that gas or diesel fueled vehicles will not be approved. Only $350,000 electric vehicles will be approved. Own nothing, be happy.

Open Thread - 03-17-23 - King Nothing

The next shoe to drop hangs by a shoestring over our heads like the Sword of Damocles. And the shoestring is fraying.

Dear citizen, it matters not that you live your life trying to do what's right. You go to work, pay your taxes, obey the laws, save your money only to have it stolen in the form of inflation. The banks don't play by those rules. They have different rules, as do the very wealthy. If you get in financial trouble that's on you. If the banks get in financial trouble that's on you as well.

The recent Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) failure is a perfect example of balance of justice weighed in favor of the wealthy. You did everything by the rules, they play fast and loose with the rules. They broke the rules, you didn't, who pays?


Open Thread - 02-10-23 - The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse

Authors note: The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse. What is that? Greed. [1]

One may wax philosophically about that which ails man, especially in this day and age of policrises. An argument can be made that our current dilemma is caused by a myriad of causes, such as dwindling resources, or overpopulation, or climate change, or war, or economic collapse, or global health. Any one of these can be considered existential. Here we are in the third decade of the new millennium, confronted with all of these crises at the same time. Is it by chance that this has happened or is there an underlying causal phenomenon at work? It is tempting to lay blame at the feet of overpopulation as the root of all our current emergencies. That may very well be true. This piece is not about the temporal aspects of the policrisis, but more about the philosophical tenets of the existential fork(s) in the road. In other words, that component of the human psyche that has brought us the point of no return.

In my simplistic and humble opinion it all boils down to one human trait: greed.