The Weekly Watch


The world around me is greening. Trees are budding, blooming, and leafing. Last year's sugars stored in the roots return to the growing tips and are converted into green leaves - solar powered carbon fixers. Creating sugar from air and water is the nature of plant growth. The sugars are used to build more plant tissue as they reach for the sun. I guess we have to strive toward a goal ourselves to experience growth - the human equivalent of reaching for the sun. We could use more of the sensibility and sustainability of cyclic plant growth, relying on the sun and water for our power and energy. Perhaps we could grow to be a sane and functional society focused on the needs of people and the natural system rather than the cancerous growth of profit hungry war mongers in the US and around the world.


This is getting repetitive

The global establishment has a formula for any and all popular movements and politicians that threaten the power and wealth of the ruling elite, and they use it a lot.

Is it even possible to oppose the status quo and not be 1) a foreign agent, 2) stupid, and 3) racist? I doubt if Jesus himself returned today, and he denounced the money-lenders, that he wouldn't be "outed" as a lazy, stupid, racist, Putin Puppet.

Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Trump, Brexit and the Crisis of Liberalism

We need to understand what the liberals already know but are unwilling to admit publicly; liberalism is in a deep crisis. The liberal wing of the ruling class has caught itself on the horns of a dilemma.

On the one hand, the Liberals serve the interests of capitalism, in that sense the shift from Keynesian Liberalism to Neoliberalism comes about due to the economic crisis following the demise of Keynesianism due to stagflation in the 1970s.

Jimmy Dore: Economist Explains Brexit, Trump and Why the World-Wide Economy is Screwed

Jimmy discusses a video of political scientist/economist Mark Blyth, Brown University, who accurately predicted Brexit and Trump explains in clear language how globalization and capitalism are failing people throughout the world and why that means more Brexits and Trumps are on the way. You will NOT need an economics degree to understand him.