Nigel Farage rips the Brexit mask off Boris Johnson

Background: most of us already know this, but repetition (up to a point) is good. The UK had a plebiscite or referendum in 2016 in which the simple proposition was: Remain in the European Union (EU) or Exit (hence Brexit). This was a vote of the people in which a considerable majority of British/Welsh, and to a lesser amount of Scottish citizens voted to leave the bloated, power-grabbing consortium of Eurovassal states, led by (and lied to) two of the most unsavory characters to lead major countries in modern times: Erstwhile Hausfrau Angela Merkel and Emperor-in-waiting Mickey Mouse Macron, the deadly duo of Europe, lead the EU over not one, but several cliffs. One cliff is the Unified German European army. Another cliff is the continuing unfettered immigration policy denaturing the soul of the many entities which comprise the EU.

Point at issue is defying the will of the people, plainly expressed in a two choice referendum: Remain or Leave. The elite, especially banksters in the City of London, have no desire to see dismantling of their painstakingly constructed EU dictatorship. Theresa (dis)May offered not a Brexit but a non-Brexit. She, the linear descendant of David Cameron, put the kibosh on the deal before it even started. May handed Merkel, acting as chief interlocutor for the EU/Brussels, everything of possible use as leverage to promote a true exit.

Boris Johnson, whose blond hair reminds me of Trump, although his policies are now revealed not to be Trumpian at all, rode into Westminster on his white horse promising Brexit. "I bring Brexit to you, poor suffering multitudes. Lo, I will lead you out of the European Wilderness" (hat tip to Adam Schiff who inspired me to invent quotes never spoken nor written).

Brexit IS THE Will of the ENGLISH PEOPLE. As Gillen and Page correctly determined in a decade old study, that less than 1% of what the 99% desire in policy is never legislated. I believe the donor class got at least 60% of what they want according to that study.

Nigel Farage, formidable founder of the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party)blundered when he prematurely left UKIP in 2016 because he though, naively as it developed, that Brexit was a done deal on the basis of the clear majority vote in it s favor. This year and likely earlier, Nigel realized that Brexit was not going to occur while Theresa Dismay was in power. He then starts the Brexit party, which goes on to win 30% of Britain's EU Parliament seats.

The Brexit Party (BP, not to be confused with anti-Brexit British Petroleum) makes enormous popular enrollment in membership. They are still adding members. This time, Farage is in it until Brexit wins it.

Faced by formidable opposition, headed by a galvanizing orator, BoJo decides he is going to promote Brexit. Thanks Boris. BoJo promises to deliver the sizable number of Tory Leave MPs for a definitive Brexit victory. This Brexit BoJo promises will be an improvement on Dismay's capitulation.

Farage then makes a daring offer, one which seemingly BoJo cannot refuse. BP will NOT contest 317 Tory seats filled by Leavers. Farage promises to campaign against Labour MPs, most of whom including the formerly sainted Jeremy Corbyn, have become Remainers. The resulting coalition of BP and Leave Tories will push Brexit through Parliament, despite machinations by John Bercow (speaker of Parliament) and other Tories opposed to BoJo.

So Halloween has come and gone but the EU membership still remains, despite BoJo's earlier promise to LEAVE on October 31, 2019. While mumblings from Whitehall persist, no action is occurring on the Brexit front, primarily because the lack of an official UK negotiator.

So, Farage seems to be giving BoJo a gift almost from Heaven: we won't oppose your Leavers in 317 seats, with our newly elected MPs giving the Tory-Leave faction enough votes to carry the day. Wow, a guaranteed Tory victory over Lib Dems, Labour, Scottish Independence Party, etc. BoJo knows that though rapidly growing, BP will not displace the Tories from a plurality making it the leading party in Parliament.

Here's the Farage Trap, beautiful in conception. If BoJo accepts the Farage deal, then not only does he retain his PM position, but his beloved Tories once again rule the roost. What could be sweeter? Farage essentially prostrating himself at gates of Westminster, so that BoJo can stroll into Parliament as undisputed (for the moment at least) ruler of the UK.

Faster than one can say "Prince Andrew didn't desert his pal, Jeffrey Epstein in his time of need", BoJo in essence tells Nigel to take a hike. He plans on contesting all seats held by Labour himself, leaving the BP to scramble for support. The majority of the hopefully-elected Tories will likely have no love for Brexit. Thus, if BoJo can carry off a nationwide Tory revival, Brexit as the Brit citizenry want it will NOT come into being. Instead Bojo will go to Frau Merkel beseeching her in slightly less servile terms than DisMay, to let my people go.

Brussels/Merkel has not changed its tune: If the UK leaves the EU--it still must remain in the Customs Union. The CU after all is the prize, along with the European Central Bank. So this becomes not Farage's desired No-Deal Brexit but BoJo's May-like pseudo-Brexit.

Boris has outed himself as a Faux Brexiteer. I am almost certain that Farage will quickly rescind his directive, which has proven extremely unpopular with those who were to stand for election against those 317 Tories. Thus, the Tories may be seriously challenged, not so much by Labour but by the BP. Not being expert on Parliamentary politics, I do not venture a guess as to how many Brexiteers will unseat any Tories. But this confrontation with BoJo signals all out political war between BP and the Tories.

Here are some random thoughts on the situation in the UK.

1. Three years of deceit--effectively annulling the legitimate choice of the people wanting to Brexit.
Similar to three years of Russiagate in a way perhaps.

2. Lying head of major political party (Cameron, May and now BoJo). Did someone say Obama? How about Clinton?

3. Speaker Bercow changing Parliamentary rules on the fly. Sounds a bit like my favorite playwright Adam Schiff.

4. Changing political alliances, breaking old ones and making new ones. Republicans here are, at least for the moment, aligning themselves with Trump while the Dems are torn by civil war--just like the Leave-Tories versus the Remain-Tories.

4. This whole charade of Brexit promotion by BoJo is now seen for what it is--just like R-gate and U-gate here.

The Duran: Tories turn to destroy Brexit Party & with any chance of a real Brexit. (18:59)

Should I stay or should I go?

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But still pretty much where we are.

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Boris Johnson meets the people:

Glastonbury: Visit cancelled because of protesters


Stainforth: ‘I don’t want to meet you.'

Leeds: ‘Leave my town’

Doncaster: ‘You’ve a cheek. People have died because of austerity’

Rotherham: ‘Get back to London'

-Not going well

— Paul Johnson (@paul__johnson) November 14, 2019

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trump will be amerika's last president

What if the impeachment of tRumpolini is meant
to destroy the D party, makes sense doesn't it?

elections = tptb excuse for sayin ameriKa is a

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@ggersh Jeremy Corbyn's Labour brigade is pro-Remain. In the convoluted realities of the EU, the CU, Tory ambivalence, why does a pro-Labour MP, which JC claims to be, represent a viewpoint hostile to the UK's working class? The unlimited immigration policy lowers workers's wages. Please help me out here because Remain and worker welfare appear to be directly opposed to each other.

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@Alligator Ed In 2016 Open borders was a Koch idea that killed the middle class by allowing in cheap labor.

For 2020 open borders are good for identity politics and Trump is a son of a bitch for building the wall and sending illegal immigrants back home.

Who needs consistency when flip flopping is the expedient thing to do.

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lol.. wish I had the chance to tell Obama what I think of him. Give me just 10 minutes with him.

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America is a pathetic nation; a fascist state fueled by the greed, malice, and stupidity of her own people.
- strife delivery

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@snoopydawg You might develop a case of hypothermia if you tried to swim out to Obummer's palace place to have your téte-a-téte. Besides, maybe DJT has Mr. Durham ready to ask BHO about the coup, rendering poor Barack unable to talk because of pending investigations.

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@Alligator Ed

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America is a pathetic nation; a fascist state fueled by the greed, malice, and stupidity of her own people.
- strife delivery