Bill Clinton

Get back, Loretta, to where you once belonged

Quick note here about grandkids, golf and Brexit.


Reminder: Antonin Scalia died a natural death, suffocating himself with a pillow in both of his cold dead hands. A bit later, Bubba made Lyin' Loretta an offer she didn't refuse--too bad Trump interfered with the pay off.

Can you smell that smell?

Something stinks to high heaven in Washington DC. I mean it stinks even more than the usual compost heap called DC.

I opened up my Twitter account and to what do my shell shocked eyes, do I see?

Sick Day Open Thread

Hey, guys. I'm sick, and somewhat pudding-brained. The essay I planned to write deserves better thought than I can give it at this moment.

I made a comment yesterday that Gulfgal, Ellen, and Snapple BC thought was worth turning into an essay. I'm going to set it here for discussion. Hopefully, a more ordinary Open Thread will be on its way to you next Wednesday!

This Weekend's Must-See TV: "The Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta"

Some things speak for themselves. But, when it comes to Washington D.C. fixer-extraordinaire John Podesta, Abby Martin has pulled it all together in a 23:50 exposé, just posted today over at YouTube. (Note: It's produced by TRNN's Paul Jay. It is, definitively, this weekend's must-see-tv, and it's not to be missed. Powerful stuff!)


Wikileaks Releases "Rosetta Stone" Of Clinton Foundation Corruption Story

As many will note upon reading the ledes in Thursday's Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and elsewhere throughout Thursday's media cycle about the latest Wikileaks' email dump--specifically: a 2011 memo from President Clinton's right-hand-man-turned-"public-relations"-mogul Doug Band--it is now crystal clear that it was, indeed, as many have speculated for the last couple of years, Band who provided much of the ethically bereft (outright forbidden--by none o