Who'da guessed? The rule of law might still be alive somewhere.

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I haven't seen (or gone looking for) much more than this reprint from CNN in Cuenca High Life: British judge rejects U.S. request to extradite Julian Assange to face espionage charges.

No Extradition for Assange

Monday is the Day for the decision in the Julian Assange case

Craig’s bombshell during Assange trial

The Weekly Watch

Chaos Creations

Crisis brings opportunity for change...both good and bad. Running the gambit from the autonomous zone in Seattle to the out of control expansion of the Fed. This week I've been pondering the lens which we could use to better see our way through these uncertain times. My nature is to focus on nature. I understand others have different perspectives. That's okay. However, there's no doubt we are hurdling toward big changes in our ecosystem and biosphere, as well as our society at large. Our basic needs of air, water, food, and energy hearken back to the four elements of the Greeks. The planet has the ability to recycle these basic resources naturally, but human activity has thrown a wrench in the machinery. Is it even possible to limit our footprint to have an equitable sustainable human existence? There are techniques which suggest it is possible.

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The Weekly Watch

Under the Cover of COVID-19

Never let a good crisis go to waste. TPTB are using the pandemic to fulfill their dreams of ever more power. Primary among the scams is the union of the Fed and Treasury to buy all the corporate debt and bail out the world's central banks. But so much more is at play. War ships are sailing to Venezuela's coasts, Sabres are rattling in Iraq aimed at Iran. Fracking on public lands is being ramped up, and financed by bail out funds. Wildlife refuges are to be opened to fishing and hunting. Not to mention the staggering number of judicial appointments, and the imprisonment of journalists who tell the truth about US war crimes. It didn't have to be this way. Just think about the relationship of arms trade and the corona virus. (4 min)