The Infantilization of Americans

Almost every election cycle now, media pundits go through the rounds of talking about Democrats being at X%, Republicans being at Y%, and Independents seemingly getting larger. Outside of the media pundits, political activists and enthusiasts (for lack of a quick word) hypothesize that all that Americans need is someone to "listen to them" and someone to "rally them up".

"Hail! Hail! Rock N Roll," Not "Hail To The Chief," Is America. Chuck Rolls Over, But His Legacy Is A Reminder Of That What Makes Us Great Is Our People & Its Music, Not Our Politicians.

Where would we be without Chuck Berry?

America's Urban - Rural Divide

I grew up in a small town. If you traveled in one direction, it was predominantly rural and the other direction was predominantly suburban and urban center. The rural versus urban divide has always fascinated me. There is a racial component, an economic component, an ego/pride component and the influence of social interaction.

American Cowardice

There's a particular brand of cowardice that's uniquely American.

There have been many versions of cowardice over the years, but throughout history, it's never been presented and accomplished in this wholly American and incredibly hypocritical manner. It may perhaps end up being our lasting legacy to the world, something that truly has not been present in the human psyche before the rise of our empire.