"Market Based" Healthcare Solutions : A Future of Leech Farms and Barber-Surgeons

Let's be clear about one thing - Obamacare sucks and the Democrats failed on a phenomenal scale when they attempted to modify our "uniquely American" system of keeping for-profit insurers at the center of our healthcare system. Ever wonder why our system is "unique"? Because almost every other sane country in the world has realized that "profit" and "healthcare" cannot co-exist in the same space.

The Business Model of Healthcare in the US – Pay or Die - Updated

The US is the only major country on this planet that does not view Healthcare as a human right for citizen survival. The ACA is a complete joke on US citizens. (We are not fucking consumers, we are citizens, asshole!) The idea of “affordable” healthcare through over priced health insurance, is nothing short of a bad fucking joke. The linguistic gymnastics has got to stop.