Lighthouses Don't Fire Cannon


One of the first lessons I learned about fire safety and burning buildings was not to call the fire department while you were still inside said burning building. This may seem fairly obvious but when your brain is being flooded with adrenaline you don't always think straight. So, after the 911 operator yelled "GET OUT!", I did.

9-11 - The day America stepped through the looking glass

Anniversaries are for remembering. And what I remember about 911 was that it was the day the US public lost its mind. It is dizzying to look back at all the lies the public has been presented with, and largely swallowed, over the last 17 years. It is disheartening to read polls showing that, most of the time, most of the public buys these lies. I thought it would be simple to just list all the lies. But, when I tried, the list got so long I had to get picky.

The Weekly Watch

Conspiracy Theories and Untold Stories

What brings this topic to mind is the Awan story. Here at c99 we've have been lucky to have Alligator Ed and gulf gal (among others) inform us. It is a spy thriller... Pakistani Spy Ring in the halls of congress tending to the reps computers. Gun and drug trade is involved. And nary a word from corporate media? We have many stories which we don't speak about. Consider 911 with questions about building 7 and the hole in the pentagon not being large enough for an airplane. And for that matter all the assassinations in the sixties. The common thread that seems to run through these so called conspiracy theories is CIA involvement.

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