2020 Presidential Election

Poll Diving – part 8

How to explain why Trump hasn't collapsed even with one of the worst Democratic nominees as an opponent. 9,488,789 coronavirus infections and 236,571 deaths and counting, plus the huge economic hits would have easily taken down any other President. Then there's the seemingly erratic pattern to the election polls. Let's first check out the latter using broad categorizations for regions for comparative purposes.

Are Americans Able to Participate in a Reality-Based Election?

Now that the Russia Hoax is behind us, this seems like a good time to shift into reality-based politics. It is the ideal way to understand why the elections will be steered down the same old cul de sacs, moving toward the same old outcomes with rampant misinformation and domestic propaganda littering the way. But eyes-wide-open politics can also reveal the occasional opportunity to nudge things in a different direction.

"Sanders Poised To Announce Presidential Campaign: Report"

(Often times, it's the little things that matter; and when a story like this goes viral, growing at about a thousand shares every 20 minutes [making it about 10 times more popular than every other story, over at The Hill], that's a hopeful sign, this early on. And, yeah, I'm supporting him from the get-go.)

Here's a TYT video on the story...

Is this the Candidate who picks up where Bernie Sanders left off?

I've been following the 2020 Presidential campaign of Andrew Yang fairly closely because he has a political vision that solves so many of America's problems. He delivers on all of Bernie's inspiring promises and puts the country on a constructive path. Like Bernie, he too will be running on the Democratic Party ticket, however, his political philosophy transcends their neoliberal corruption. If you're not familiar with Andrew Yang, this is how the New York Times describes him:

Among the many, many Democrats who will seek the party’s presidential nomination in 2020, most probably agree on a handful of core issues: protecting DACA, rejoining the Paris climate agreement, unraveling President Trump’s tax breaks for the wealthy.

Only one of them will be focused on the robot apocalypse.