COVID-19 March 7th update, number 2

Physicians have implemented a program called CME--continuing medical education. This is required on an annual basis by many state licensing boards, including my beloved CA. Here we are required annually to get 25 credit CME hours, issued by certified educational providers for this purpose. The intense exercise here at c99 alone is giving me a very deep and broad understanding of a narrow yet crucial medical issue, or issues if you wish to subdivide this pending epidemic.

The Fragility and Privilege of Democratic Voters

*As a disclaimer, in this entry I will be referencing older voters more often than not but that is not meant to be an overall cudgel to be used against individuals who are older. This is not meant to be a generalization of everyone who is older, far from it. I am merely looking at age breakdowns when it comes to issues and voting trends.

The Weekly Watch

Will 2020 Bring Better Vision?

Here we go into the second decade of the third millennium (that is if you start counting time when they say we should). If I could define a clear yearly vision it would start with an end to the wars and coups the US perpetrates to enhance global corporate/capital power. Then with both the monies saved and return of our veterans, we rebuild and create a new paradigm. Imagine locally produced power, food, transportation, parks, ecosystem restoration, and water capture and purification. Imagine the end of the fracking industry, which has never been profitable except as a con. Use the last of current fossil fuel production to create a fossil fuel free world and then end it...no new wells nor coal mines. I can continue by dreaming of a new food production system not focused on grains and soy which are driving so much of our ill health, but focused on neighborhood market producers, and humane animal production using regenerative farming. Eating well (which would require an examination of current (mis)guidelines plus a re-education program) would reduce the chronic disease epidemic. We need universal health care for all, but first we need accurate health advice. The big problem of the future is said to be the loss of jobs to AI, but we will always need teachers, park rangers, librarians, ecologists, climatologists, hydrologists, solar specialists, electric car mechanics, restoration ecologists, farmers, herders, ranchers, welders, carpenters, plumbers, and on and on. There's plenty of work for all but we haven't developed a system of value for our ecosystem nor one another. It is time. It is past time.

2020 vision.jpg

Medusa returns

Lest we forget. Fellow Swampers and those remaining dry, it was just a few cycles around the sun, that your faithful alligator, along with many others, were faced with a nightmare scenario: Medusa, aka Hildebeast, aka Her, aka Sociopath par excellance, competing for control of Amerikan Corporacy with Herr Drumpf. Lesser of two evils. Oy veh! What a choice: will you take hemlock or arsenic, Socrates?

Voters are not property -- the appalling reality of Democrats

With the new election cycle in the never-ending election reality of America, we now turn to 2020.

The Republicans are solidifying behind Trump, with the RNC basically become an appendage of Trump himself.

The Democrats are running everyone and anyone, though a few are slowly being pushed forward such as Kamala "the cop" Harris.

But this discussion isn't about that.

Hillary Planning to Run Again in 2020!


The Clintons just never go away.

Already embarked on a new public-paid "speaking tour" across the Country (for no justified reason), according to insider sources Crooked Hillary has bigger plans and wants to rig even more what she couldn't completely rig back in 2016, and once again force herself on a weary America public in 2020.