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If Vladimir Putin were every bit the election-meddling demon the Democrats say he is, and if he had unlimited time and unlimited resources to create the perfect ninety-minute propaganda video to discredit the US-led unipolar world order, he could not have designed one more effective than the performance that was just delivered by President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden with the help of moderator Chris Wallace.

She should state the obvious.

The world is going to be talking about this for a while now. Clips from this debate are going to share widely all across the planet. It will be translated in many languages. Articles will be written about it for days. And people who’d never thought to question whether this is the government that should be leading the world into the future are suddenly going to find themselves contemplating that question.

We, our nation, should be absolutely horrified by what we've created. Two mannequins masquerading as leaders of the free world.
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I was determined not to watch the debate but ended up taking a few peeks, for about as long as it took Joe to display his pearly whites in response to Trump’s endless stream of inane bloviation, but I could not escape the chaotic din of a verbal grudge match worthy of the WWF which permitted the house. To my everlasting regret, I heard every terrifying word.

Biden is unfit for the office if the Presidency. Trump IS ALREADY the President of the United States. This alone should be enough to set hair on fire around the world.

Thank you Democratic Party for your part in bringing the terror of our situation into millions of homes around the world. This performance is going to be hard to ignore.

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