World Cup goal literally caused an earthquake

Mexico's shocking victory over Germany in the World Cup caused Mexico City to literally jump for joy.

The event wasn't big enough to be measured in magnitudes and wouldn't have been perceptible to the general population, according to the Institute for Geological and Atmospherical Investigations, which is not a government agency.
On Sunday, the institute tweeted seismographic readings highlighting the activity at the time when Mexicans celebrated what would be the decisive goal scored by striker Hirving Lozano. It attributed the cause possibly to celebratory "massive jumps" in a post that got more than 27,000 retweets.

At least two of its sensors inside Mexico City detected a seismic movement during the World Cup match, "most likely produced by the massive celebration," according to the institute's blog post.

It said that "such events are not very big at all. Only sensitive seismographic equipment (and generally nearby) can detect the effects of crowds."
So the closest instruments -- therefore, only a "very small number of seismographs" -- can measure the event, that was described as "micro-records," by the institute.
The blog post also noted that a similar event happened during a 2011 NFL game when a touchdown run by Marshawn Lynch prompted Seattle Seahawks fans to erupt in celebration and that caused a nearby seismometer to measure vibrations in what was called "Beast Quake."

It makes we wonder what will happen if Mexico advances?

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@gjohnsit That's got to be my favorite match ever. Who knew Socrates was so nibble.

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our "good" buddies, the Saudi Arabians 5-0. The Saudis are throwing all kinds of hissy fits. What a bunch of sore losers! Rec'd!!

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• Gosh, I hope preventing the grandkids from frying when they go out to play in the sun doesn’t cost a lot of money!
--Naked Capitalism on the GND

That'll mean Russia advances.
Taking bets on who will cry about that:
1) Rachel Maddow 3-2 odds
2) Other MSNBC pundit 2-1 odds
3) Neocon pundit 3-1 odds


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@gjohnsit she'll spend several years talking about the elaborate plot the ruskies perpetrated to induce the Egyptian players to lose.

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I can't remember Saudi Arabia ever playing well in a WC

Their 0-8 loss to Germany in 2002 was a real low point. A "How Not to Play Football".

But at least they've made it several times. Qatar, the next host, has never played a Finals game! Money talks.

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from a reasonably stable genius.

@Bollox Ref for a game midsummer as well.

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