Who coulda saw this one comin?

Remember that scary, scary caravan of ISIS Muslim terrorists from Honduras that were going to invade our pristine nation by throwing smallpox infected anchor babies at us?

For some reason, Fox News stopped talking about it.

During a segment on Thursday, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski went on a sarcastic rant making fun of Fox for largely dropping its caravan coverage after the midterms, arguing this was evidence that the story was always just fearmongering intended to drive Republicans to the polls. "But they thought it was such a big story!" Brzezinski said. "They thought that our country was in danger!"

When a producer of Morning Joe cited a Vox article, which mentions that Fox & Friends only mentioned the caravan one time the morning after the midterms, Brzezinski sarcastically quipped, "But smallpox is coming to America! They told us this as news!" Scarborough added, "I don't understand because this was an invasion that was going to threaten our very way of life."

They also questioned why the president has barely talked about the caravan since the election, only addressing it briefly during a 90-minute news conference Wednesday when questioned by a reporter.

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Of CNN & MSNBC's Russia, Russia, Russia coverage?

And yet there they are, political pundits from 'our side' blathering on about the cynical use of politicking from the 'other' side as if some of us haven't seen Mika and Joe do the same tedious thing.

Punch and Judy should just lend both sides a bat so that they could beat each other senseless and offer the television audience something that doesn't reek of partisan hypocrisy.

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@zoebear looks like the Dems picked one page from the Rebubs playbook: accuse the other guy of whatever you are doing, no matter how blatantly you’re doing it.

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that 10% tax reduction for the middle class again?

Or Repubs favoring health care for existing conditions?

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and the underlying psychology; the vacuousness and venality of the kinds of hosts the mainstream media trots out as representatives of their interests; the refreshing, clear-eyed honesty of Brand to recognize the farce of what is considered normal and acceptable parameters of these shows and to say what's on all of our minds about them; and to peel away the layers of what is really going on in these types of situations.

If you don't know Russell Brand, or only know him from his previous stint as Hollywood actor/celebrity talk show host, etc, you have to check him out more. Loads of great stuff on him, including this, this and this.

The guy's one of the more intelligent, cogent, evolved and deep thinkers to be found anywhere. He's really dedicated himself to seeking truth and using his platform to challenge the stranglehold of capitalism and consumerism, but from a perspective of compassion, empathy and love.

Pretty extraordinary guy he's turned out to be.

I despise these shows, and the hold they have over simple-minded tv watchers. They're a huge part of why society stays stuck in a quagmire of resentment, fear and apathy.

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@Mark from Queens

Really enjoyed watching Russell Brand make these self important cogs in the media machine feel absurd.

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If we surrendered to earth's intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees
~ Rainer Maria Rilke

It has only been two days since the election, and people believe that Fox news 'dropped' coverage of the caravan?

Get real. They are talking about two very important election results, in addition reporting on the re-counts going on. And Tucker Carlson's show just had lengthy coverage of the antifa at his house and talked with him on the phone for the show. And the most recent shooting.

Here is a link from their webpage just under the main story:


This msu really needs to stop.

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@dfarrah from the very beginning was absurd.
Poor families fleeing violence and corruption are a threat to us how exactly?
I don't get it.

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