What's going on in the Middle East's GWOT

The withdrawal from Afghanistan is nearly half-way complete, and is looking almost unstoppable now.
Of course we won't stop bombing Afghanistan. Sheesh. What sort of imperialist empire doesn't bomb Afghanistan? I suppose you want a unicorn pony too?
Our drones of death will continue to haunt the skies of Afghanistan for years to come. That'll teach them for choosing to be brown and poor.

However, we no longer have a monopoly in drones over Asia.

U.S. military officials in Iraq have grown increasingly alarmed over attacks by Iran-backed militias using drones to evade detection systems around military bases and diplomatic facilities.

In place of rockets, militiamen have turned at times to small, fixed-wing drones that fly too low to be picked up by defensive systems, military officials and diplomats say. An official with the U.S.-led coalition described the evolving drone threat as the military mission’s biggest concern in Iraq.
In April, a drone strike targeted a CIA hangar inside the airport complex in the northern city of Irbil, according to officials familiar with the matter...
A similar drone attack in May on the sprawling Ain al-Asad air base raised similar concerns among coalition commanders about how militias are adapting their tactics, according to officials and personnel on base.

Combine these new tactics with the Iraqi militia's return to hostilities, and we have a familiar situation evolving.
To give you an idea of the situation, nearly two months ago Baghdad created a committee to "assume the task of approving the timing and mechanisms related to the U.S. troop withdrawal." The U.S. doesn't have anything similar created for our "troop withdrawal".

Do you know who else has drones? The Houthis, and the Houthis are on the offensive in multiple parts of Yemen.
It's not just a case of the Houthis driving back the mercenaries that Saudi Arabia plays for. But even former allies in southern Yemen have turned on each other.

Military confrontations between forces loyal to the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and Yemen's government became imminent amid rising tensions over the control of key areas, a military official told Xinhua on Saturday.

Not only are the Saudis losing the war, and failing at their objective to return Yemen to it's pre-2014 state, but now it looks like there will be two Yemen's. One of those Yemen's will be on their border and forever hostile to the Saudis.

Saudi officials told the Obama administration that the campaign, known as Operation Decisive Storm, would last roughly “six weeks.”

Six years later, the operation has been neither timely nor decisive. The official government remains disorganized and feeble. President Hadi remains exiled in Riyadh. The Houthis remain undefeated.
In the most recent move toward peace, Saudi Arabia offered to reopen the Sana’a airport if the Houthis agreed to a nationwide ceasefire. The insurgents rebuffed the idea...
The ploy failed because the Houthis are close to capturing Marib, a strategic Yemeni city that serves as the country’s hydrocarbon hub and the conflict’s bloodiest battlefield. They have no need to talk peace until they fight as hard as they can for Marib. The Houthis also want to make the war increasingly costlier for the Saudis by attacking Aramco oil facilities with drones and ballistic missiles.

Finally, let's talk about the Kurds. A people that seem forever doomed to get the short end of the stick. They royally screwed up in Syria this week.

At least eight people were killed and scores injured on Tuesday when U.S. backed Kurdish-led forces fired live rounds to disperse Arab tribal protests against their rule in the Syrian city of Manbij, according to security and medical sources and residents.

The protests took a violent turn when hundreds of demonstrators marched near checkpoints around the city a day after one civilian was killed in protests that swept the area demanding the end of Kurdish minority rule over a mainly Arab tribal population...Resentment against SDF rule has grown in north and eastern Syria among the predominately Arab population, residents and tribal elders said.

For Manbij this is new. But for Syria's Deir Ezzor region, this is old news.
Eventually our Kurd-led illegal occupation in Syria is going to be problematic.

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Turkey plans on doing what Israel does every day Bomb a refugee camp

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to strike a refugee settlement in Iraqi Kurdistan on the grounds that it is a breeding ground for rebels of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).


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to get the short end of the stick.

A bonus would be the resumption of the JCPOA.

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even if it makes me want to throw things.
I think 2 Yemens is better than one continuous murder-fest.

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They have a secret drone factory? Buy them on Amazon?
Whoever is giving them drones is our real enemy. Afghani's are just their proxys.

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@Battle of Blair Mountain

Whoever is giving them drones is our real enemy.

Whoever is giving them drones needs more support.

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Regardless of the path in life I chose, I realize it's always forward, never straight.

@Pricknick I am not trying to be a bitch, but I need to get a better handle on your premise.
Thanks for your input.

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@on the cusp
Who has them matters not.
Do you really believe that drones should only be owned by the powers that be?
Much like nuclear weapons, who has the right to own them?
The Afghanis, regardless of which tribe, should have all rights to defend themselves.
I say give everybody a nuclear weapon and see how long humans survive.
Wasted species.

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Regardless of the path in life I chose, I realize it's always forward, never straight.

@Pricknick to guarantee mass murder makes the supplier a mass murderer. it starts with them.
I am not an advocate for everyone being able to kill everybody else. I am not an advocate of nuclear weapons.
I do not advocate humans as a wasted species.
I am more a "live and let live" advocate.

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request for weapons. Good news, accompanied by a rational, strong statement.

Germany Rejects Ukrainian Request for Arms Deliveries

By Reuters
June 1, 2021


BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany on Tuesday rejected calls for arms deliveries to Kyiv, after Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy asked Berlin for assault rifles, radio equipment and armoured vehicles.

"I am convinced the conflict (in eastern Ukraine) can only be resolved by political means," German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told journalists ahead of a video conference with his NATO counterparts.

"This will remain the guideline of our engagement with Ukraine, and there will be no change: Arms deliveries won't help," he added.

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@Linda Wood

is about the Middle East, but I hope this refusal by Germany may highlight for the American people the difference between our government deciding to unleash hell on Syria vs our deciding to unleash hell on Europe.

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@Linda Wood plus...Israel.

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Capitalism has always been the rule of the people by the oligarchs. You only have two choices, eliminate them or restrict their power.