Tulsi Warchest at $1.2 Million

The Tulsi campaign showed us today that their total warchest for the early states, raised through the end of last year, reached about $1.2 million:

Her goal was to raise $1 million by the end of 2019 to remain competitive in the early states, so she did good exceeding that by a couple hundred grand.

Look for the majority of this to be spent in New Hampshire, but Tulsi also mentioned South Carolina by name a couple times, so I'd imagine a decent portion to be spent there as well.

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in spite of her combat attitude
she may be peaceful in some respects

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May we be united and strong -- laurel

Or so the polls say.
IIRC, they were Clinton country.

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We are so screwed.

@The Voice In the Wilderness
still depend on Charleston
to guide them?
Lost along the way.

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May we be united and strong -- laurel

@The Voice In the Wilderness Allegedly. Probably a combination of exhaustion and sick-of-itis, lack of meaningful news reporting, and the use of voting machines controlled by the plutocracy. Those first two can be mitigated somewhat by the Bernie campaign, and to a lesser degree Tulsi, but the third, which I see as an existential threat to the restoration of democracy in this nation, is only getting worse.

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scary shit
good luck

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May we be united and strong -- laurel

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I've seen on New Hampshire.

It's good to know she's got a strong base of support. I gave her some more money this quarter. I like her consistent anti-war message and her take down of Kamala Harris was epic.

Her "present" vote on impeachment might have doomed her, but I still like her a lot.

Hot chick + anti war = SL love

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The United States of America is the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Cesar Chavez and Emma Lazarus.

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Tulsi's already been spending time campaigning in South Carolina. She was there most recently this past week. Her husband was there with her; Abraham Williams seems to be taking a higher profile now in support of his wife.

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