Trump declares victory in War on Poverty

Last week the Council of Economic Advisers in the Trump Administration made a rather dramatic claim.

Between 1961 and 2016, consumption-based poverty fell from 30 percent to 3 percent, amounting to a 90 percent decline (and it fell by 77 percent since 1980). This likely even understates the reduction in material hardship as it omits the consumption-value of increased public expenditure on healthcare and education for the poor. Based on historical standards of material wellbeing and the terms of engagement, our War on Poverty is largely over and a success.
Of course, the trends in Figure 5 do not necessarily imply that the expansion of welfare programs caused the reduction in poverty, although they have likely played an important role.

This is surprising for all sorts of reasons.
First of all, it's shocking for conservatives to give welfare programs credit for anything good.
Secondly, conservatives have spent decades declaring the War on Poverty a failure. So this is a dramatic reversal.
Why the reversal? A quick look at the title of the report tells us why:
Expanding Work Requirements in Non-Cash Welfare Programs

Basically this report serves as both a declaration of victory in the War on Poverty and is an official declaration of War Against The Poor.

One of the programs that the GOP is declaring war on is one of the most successful and least fraud-prone - food stamps.

While robust growth is a bragging point for President Donald Trump and a campaign theme for Republicans trying to break a historical pattern by keeping control of the House and Senate in midterm elections, the rising tide isn’t lifting all boats. Elevated SNAP use displeases congressional Republicans, who want a shift toward more job training in the five-year farm bill that’s taking shape...
Another reason SNAP use is falling is because eligibility is tightening for able-bodied adults ages 18 to 49 who don’t have dependents and have been jobless for more than three months. Many states that asked for expanded access to food stamps because of high unemployment are no longer asking for waivers for able-bodied adults without dependents who aren’t working.

Republicans are relying on an increasingly out-of-date stereotype, that was always misleading anyway.
They attribute any poverty assistance gets lumped in with "welfare", which they think means people that don't work. This is increasingly a bigger and bigger lie.

Nearly 32 percent of SNAP households are home to at least one wage-earner, according to the most recent data on the program, compared to only 19.6 percent in 1989, as far back as USDA data is availabe.

At the same time, a decreasing share of SNAP recipients are concurrently receiving welfare benefits from other safety net programs like the Aid to Families with Dependent Children and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families programs. As of the most recent data, about 6 percent of SNAP recipients are also receiving support through these programs, compared to about 42 percent of recipients in 1989.

Republicans have never let facts get in the way of blaming victims and creating strawmen.
They would much rather see many children, elderly and disabled people go hungry than a few able-bodied people commit "the crime" of getting a free meal.
You would think no Republican voters had ever been given free food in their lives.

While this is an official declaration of the War on the Poor, this latest offensive by Republicans has been going on for a while.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson recently proposed tripling rents on those receiving housing benefits and imposing work requirements. The GOP-controlled House passed a farm bill that would add onerous work requirements to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), better known as food stamps.

And this spring, Trump signed an executive order declaring his intention to force people who receive food assistance, Medicaid and low-income housing subsidies to adhere to strict work requirements or lose their critical subsistence benefits. Perversely titled “Reducing Poverty in America,” this directive aims to remove access to the same assistance programs that have alleviated the effects of poverty.

It's all a cynical ploy to make the most needy and helpless pay through immense suffering so that the wealthy can have more of what they don't actually need.
Specifically, I'm referring to the GOP tax cut, which was supposed to spur the economy and trickle-down to the workers. That trickling-down has not happened.

First, the tax reform hasn’t yet resulted in appreciably higher wages for American workers. Real average hourly compensation actually fell in the first quarter after the tax reform was passed...
Official data for the second quarter isn’t available yet, but private data isn’t looking encouraging. PayScale’s index of real wages shows a dramatic deterioration in the period

Believing that huge corporate tax cuts would translate into rising wages was always a case of collective ignorance by Republicans about how capitalism works.
Instead it was exactly what we expected - wealth redistribution for the rich.

As has been widely reported, the benefits of the tax cuts have been going mostly to shareholders, not workers. An analysis earlier this year put workers’ total gains at $6 billion versus $171 billion for shareholders in buybacks and dividend increases. Since then, total announced buybacks have risen to $437 billion. If management continues these priorities, some argue, workers are less likely to see substantial wage gains...
As the chart below shows, even when wages finally do tick up, they tend to not keep up with inflation. This means that workers are merely treading water despite rising wages. If you thought stagnant wages created populist discontent before, wait until people figure out that their raises do nothing to raise living standards.

Republicans promised two things: a) massive tax cuts for the wealthy, and b) gutting what little is left of the safety net.
Eventually Republican voters will figure out that their lives have gotten much harder. Most likely they will then turn to someone even more fascist than Trump.

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Most Americans can't afford a $500 emergency... the richest country in the world. Jimmy's line is that sure sounds like a failed state.

Winning the war on poverty just like we won the war in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, ....

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

The more neoliberalism, the less social mobility

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@Lookout it's terrible how the neocons/neolibs
and the minority of the minority have so
screwed this country and it's people

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." William Casey, CIA Director 1st staff meeting, 1981

“USA will export two things soon, jack and squat. no planes, no cars soon.”

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But according to the logic of the Reagan Revolution, that's a good thing.

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Modern education is little more than toeing the line for the capitalist pigs.

@The Aspie Corner
'troubling' that the Fed doesn't recognize they've been complicit

The fall in the percentage of economic growth flowing to workers is "very troubling," a worrisome sign in an otherwise bright American economy, Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell told a Senate panel Tuesday.

Testifying in front of the Senate Banking Committee, Powell expressed concern that the share of profits going to American labor had fallen "precipitously" for more than a decade and was not reversing course.

In 2000, wages and salaries for American workers accounted for about 66% of the overall economy. That rate has fallen to about 62%, although the decline has leveled off since the end of the Great Recession, according to statistics compiled by the Brookings institution and cited at Tuesday's hearing by Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.).

Note how the most capitalist nations, U.S. and UK, have the slowest wage growth.

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on the same old conservative agenda. Next up: Starvation is good for you because lazy stupid Americans are obese, and losing weight will cost less in health care spending, negating the need for expensive insurance premiums. And airlines can make smaller seats reducing air fare and increasing the number of seats they can cram into jets. See! easy peasy.

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You know, just maybe we can get him a comic book version or something like Bush's Handlers used to do.

Honestly, this feels like another give away to the PIC. More grist for the mill.

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I do not pretend I know what I do not know.

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Food Stamp Work Requirements Would Force States To Provide Job Training. Many Aren’t Ready

The House version of the food-stamp-to-work program Congress is considering this week would require recipients to enroll in job training programs if they can’t find work — but in many states, those programs won’t be fully available for at least another decade.

This will have a big impact on the people who depend on food stamps, some 42 million in 2017. The average beneficiary receives about $125 a month, and a family of four must have an annual income of about $25,000 or less to qualify. Many are already working.

$25,000 annual income for a family of 4 is 166% below the poverty level. A single person can not have assets more than $1,300 a month or they won't qualify for food stamps and Medicaid if they are disabled. If someone helps them with their living expenses then the money they get for food stamps is decreased. Same thing goes for people who are on SSI. This is a fun way to live don't ya think? Just how far does $125 go to feed a family of 4? Not very of course and that's why people rely on food banks, but after the economy crashed people stopped giving food to them because they couldn't afford to.

Thanks to Bill's welfare reform legislation most people are already required to work to qualify for food stamps. After the economy crashed in 2007-2008 congress extended the 3 months period for food stamps and unemployment benefits to 99 weeks until the jobless rate reached a certain point. Then overnight millions of people were thrown off the program. (I won't mention the amount of money that congress members receive each day for meals and other perks)

The food stamp program — formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP — already includes some work requirements. So-called “able-bodied adults without dependents”­ between the ages of 18 to 50 are limited to three months of benefits every three years unless they work or get training.

The UN has written a report that basically stated that the USA is becoming a 3rd world country if it's not there already. I think it's definitely there. And it's going to be getting much worse if congress has their way.

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America is a pathetic nation; a fascist state fueled by the greed, malice, and stupidity of her own people.
- strife delivery

Nothing but cuss words for these savage lying idiots.

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@lizzyh7 justifying false images and bogus polls. We know better. This new world order being shoved down our receptors will cost the elite mega credibility.

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Listen to your higher mind.

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If you have a TV, refrigerator and microwave you aren't poor! Most "poor" people have those things, and also internet (!!!), so therefore poverty isn't a thing anymore in America! W00 hoo!


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This shit is bananas.