There's a war party in Syria, and everyone wants to take part

All the cool and popular kids are bombing Syria these days, so the less cool kids want to be involved as well.
France hasn't bombed Syria since it was cool more than two generations ago. They are teaming up with the less than cool Saudis.

Macron said France would decide in coming days on "a strong and joint response" with the United States and Britain to the suspected use of a poison gas that Syrian activists and rescues said killed 40 people near Damascus.
Prince Mohammed, wrapping up his first official visit to France, said during a joint news conference with the French leader that Saudi Arabia would support a military operation in Syria.
"If required by our alliance with our partners, we will be there," he said, according to the French translation of his remarks spoken in Arabic.

America is already teamed up with the UK and France.

The un-cool kid, Turkey, responded by posting the locations of France's military bases in Syria.

Nowhere is the raging adolescent hormones more obvious than in the news media.
The debate seems to span from "how bad is Syria going to get it's ass kicked" to "let's kick Syria's ass!"

If Trump needs to send a stronger message this time, one option is to completely destroy Syria’s air force.

Or to put it another way: For a Second Strike on Syria, Trump Will Have to Go Big

The unpopular kid, Syria, tries to appeal to reason, but when has that ever worked?

The Syrian Red Crescent issued a statement Monday dismissing the allegations of a weekend chemical weapon attack in the city of Douma. The statement insisted their medical personnel in the city had found no evidence any such attack took place.

That's crazy talk. Next they'll be saying that the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened.
And speaking of Golden Oldies, Syria is being accused of genocide by the people that want to commit genocide.

Much like 2002, there is very little talk about "...what then?"
I can't even say for sure what they hope to accomplish, except to kill some people.

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These attacks are to protect radical jihadists who embrace suicide and death for a game of Risk. Both the West adn ISIS/Al Queda are death cults. There is an analog in history: the Nazis and the Jews. Hilter was compelled to invade the Soviet Union because the "Judo-Bolseviks". Total fantasy conspiracies the same as we see now.

I have a suspicion that Western neocons believe Russia/Putin is a paper tiger. If we or the Brits or the French kill any Russians, Putin will not stay in power if he does not retaliate.

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. . . . that wants to make war on Syria, according to this:

I guess the idea of Britain suffering a nuclear retaliation from Russia is making the British elites have some second thoughts about all this bellicosity against Russia. I guess the idea of having their island incinerated is sobering them up a bit.

In other news, the Brits are apparently talking about giving the Skirpals (who have apparently recovered) "new identities" and relocating them to the U.S. I guess this way, they will be spared the risk involved in talking publicly to the media . . . or in anyone in the media talking to them:

Pretty convenient, huh?

And FWIW, here are two sites that give information and resources from more Russian perspectives as to this whole mess, albeit "more Russian perspectives" that come from people that have lived in United States for a long time:

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for the new gas pipeline? When so many countries rely on Russia for their gas, it doesn't make sense to rile them up and threaten them. The Skripal case being the beginning. Russia has so many ways to make their lives difficult.

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The public has been conditioned over time—in ways that would make Pavlov’s dawg seem like an in independent thinker


without anyone, including their concerned relatives, ever seeing them; new secret identities, in a different country also run by pathological lunatics who'll also block relatives and investigation?

Perhaps the phone call involved the use of someone able to sound enough like Yulia to sound plausible for one short and ...strangely minimalistic... phone call to maintain the fiction that they were poisoned but alive and recovering; I have a nasty feeling they may have been murdered by some different method than was claimed so as to be used in this bizarre RUSSIA!!! accusation, so that the bodies must now be kept away from relatives who might have an independent autopsy conducted.

Have there been any live interviews?

Yulia's said to have been released from the hospital, but it seems that the Russian Embassy has had no contact with her? This, following, was edited today:

Yulia Skripal discharged from Salisbury hospital (VIDEO)
Published time: 10 Apr, 2018 07:10
Edited time: 11 Apr, 2018 10:07



"We have now discharged Yulia Skripal" Salisbury District Hospital issues statement after the daughter of Sergei Skripal is discharged.

4:10 AM - Apr 10, 2018

The Russian embassy in London welcomed confirmation of Skripal’s release from hospital, but appealed for “urgent proof that what is being done to her is done on her own free will.”

Russian Embassy, UK


We congratulate Yulia Skripal on her recovery. Yet we need urgent proof that what is being done to her is done on her own free will.
3:54 AM - Apr 10, 2018 ...

...Media reports suggest that the US is prepared to resettle the Skripals under new identities. Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, has warned that such a move points to the CIA’s role in the poisoning saga and could see the Skripals disappear without providing key evidence on the case.

READ MORE: If CIA relocates Skripals in the US 'we may not see them again' – Russia's UN envoy

(Below: there's also another very pathetic and rather transparent red herring, not included in the quoted material, being tossed into the already fishy-smelling mix, which can - and ought - to be read in source as there's apparently much ado about nothing being made of it by a desperately propagandistic Press and I expect it's being regarded as an inflatable whale and built up into a later-deflatable Godzilla - albeit possibly deflated too late. It may already be unrecognizable, for all I know, as this is taking me all day... hate being this tired and stupid, lol.)

If CIA relocates Skripals in the US 'we may not see them again' – Russia's UN envoy
Published time: 10 Apr, 2018 02:21
Edited time: 10 Apr, 2018 08:45
Media reports that the US is ready to shelter the Skripals under new identities point to the CIA's role in the poisoning saga and mean they may now vanish for good, without providing key evidence, the Russian envoy to the UN said.

Vassily Nebenzia, Russia's UN envoy, was commenting on the report by The Sunday Times that intelligence officials at MI6 have been discussing, with their American colleagues at the CIA, a potential resettlement of former Russian-UK double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, who are now recovering from a poison attack that British authorities have blamed on Russia. The relocation scheme would include, according to a senior Whitehall source cited by The Times, both father and daughter being provided with new identities.

The US is reportedly one of four countries that are being considered by the British authorities as a future safe haven for the Skripals, the others being Canada, Australia and New Zealand. However, according to an intelligence source cited by the paper, the US seems like "the obvious place" to choose "because they're less likely to be killed there and it's easier to protect them there under a new identity."

Speaking at the UN Security Council meeting on Monday, Nebenzia said that the reported involvement of the CIA in the case "itself speaks volumes."

"However, this also means that we possibly perhaps will never see these people, [who are] key witnesses of what took place," he added.

The Russian embassy in the UK also commented on the reports. It said that, in the case of "such a secret relocation," the Skripals' version of what happened in Salisbury would likely never be heard. If, as a result, they would be cut off from the outside world, Russia "will have grounds to consider this situation as an abduction of two Russian citizens, or at least as their isolation," the embassy's spokesperson told Sputnik.

A recent report by the Mail on Sunday, that the Skripals' house at Christie Miller Road in Salisbury will likely be razed to ground, and the Mill public house and the Zizzi restaurant may also be demolished, is another warning sign, the spokesman said. "Such steps prove that the United Kingdom has started pursuing a policy of destroying important evidence," he said.

"We have seen the same in the case of Sergei Skripal's pets, with a bench in the park, where Sergei and Yulia Skripal have been found, and so on," he noted.

The British authorities confirmed last week that the Skripals' two guinea pigs had died, reportedly from dehydration, and a cat was put down after it was found "distressed" by a vet brought to the house by officials. Moscow previously disputed the UK's version of events, arguing that the analyses of the pets' condition might have provided a valuable insight into the agent allegedly used to poison the Skripals.

"We have an impression that the UK government makes intentional attempts to destroy all possible evidence, to classify all the existing materials and to remove the possibility to hold an independent and transparent investigation," the embassy spokesperson said. ...

And I fear that the Skripals may have been viewed by them as just more evidence to be destroyed... as possibly also with Eastern Ghouta with some missiles planned as 'going astray' to hit the terrorist's chemical weapons workshop discovered there?

Regarding the razing of all involved buildings, remember that photo apparently showed them in the restaurant (or possibly the bar) with Skripal's handler, said to have been showing in the mirror behind the Skripals.

Are there concerns about - what - bugs they'd planted and couldn't be bothered removing? information potentially having been left somewhere by one of the Skripals, perhaps in the ladies room, due to suspicions of something bad being in the works, and of this possibly being found at some later date?

What would be easier than this (MI6?) handler slipping some timed-release drug into their food or drink?

And arranging for them to be 'found' in a park at that time (with few/no close witnesses likely) and by himself or another 'witness' to tell the Press about symptoms appropriate to organophosphate poisoning while the pair are spirited off, not necessarily to/staying in the local hospital, with staff possibly briefed to say so regardless - apart from the very consultant who would have been called in, in any such actual poisoning cases? A claim of 'National Security' covers endless evils - and has for far too long.

And being accustomed to wholesale destruction of evidence, all buildings (apart from, presumably, the hospital they may or may not have been in, but in any event, minus any way of leaving any messages which might be found by any non-involved person,) must now be razed, even if this is less easily made credible in Britain than might be possible in an attacked and invaded country with often-pet terrorists bombing the public anyway, generally seemingly for no sane reason, to accomplish nothing any ordinary group of people would find worth-while - just to disrupt countries and terrify people into a conservative mind-set desperate for security and to allow fascists to take over for corporate/billionaire exploitation.

In such areas, buildings get blown up all of the time...

In industrialized countries, however, it's not usual to destroy buildings people who have been poisoned have merely been in on the day of occurrence, without even the excuse of anyone appearing to have been poisoned there at all, never mind of any poison contaminating the environment, but that's what happens when you - if you happen to be demonstrably and criminally insane - make up excuses for inexcusable behaviours all the way along...

One of the many strange occurrences surrounding the death of a renowned Porton Down biochemical weapons expert having protested the 'sexing up' of the excuse for attacking Iraq was that his bedroom wall-paper was stripped by officials - removing bugs? checking for concealing hiding places for documents/his manuscript? - while Dr. Kelly was still merely late back from a walk in the woods, before he was discovered to be dead when his body was found by searchers told, if finding him, to stay a distance back from an older gentlemen likely to have been injured or taken ill, not dead, especially of a claimed suicide by methods which apparently couldn't have killed him, according to doctors protesting the claims.

Requiem for the Suicided: Dr. David Kelly
Corbett Report Extras

Published on 16 May 2017


Famed microbiologist and UN weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly became the centre of a dispute between the BBC and the UK government over claims that the government had “sexed up” its dossier on Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction in order to sell the Iraq war to the public. He was found dead on Harrowdown Hill on July 18, 2003. It was ruled a suicide. Today we look at the troubling discrepancies, inconsistencies and questions surrounding that official verdict, and broach the question of what secrets Dr. Kelly may have taken to the grave…

Had he lived, he'd likely have been protesting Skripal poisoning by Russian-administered Novichock claims - and been listened to...

‘UK’s loudspeaker diplomacy, Skripal mantra & arm-twisting’ exposed by Russia’s UN envoy
Published time: 7 Apr, 2018 03:02
Edited time: 7 Apr, 2018 10:34

...On ‘Russian origin’ of Novichok agent

We reiterate this ‘urbi et orbi’: There is no Russian copyright on Novichok, even though the name seems Russian. This name was invented in the West for a family of military toxic agents, which, as experts in the field know very well, were developed by many nations, including the US and the UK. ...

But there apparently has been quite a rash of such experts in various areas dying over the years, several that I've read mention of having been associated/working with Dr. Kelly/Porton Down, one almost identically 'suicided' on a walk to the woods, two accidents, one (had worked with Dr. Kelly) in the lab, one in, I think, a helicopter/small plane crash? causing one to wonder if those most likely to disprove insane claims - and to identify the real source of any released chemical/bioweapons - were being advance-disposed of.

They are working on genetically-specific killer viruses, including for single targeted individuals in the population, apparently choosing to ignore the fact that viruses mutate rapidly and that our DNA is far more similar than not within our species, this appallingly stupid line of assassination/genocide possibly explaining, for example, the sudden mass deaths of whole populations of herd animals in Africa and entire flocks of birds, in open environmental testing of such intentional hazards.All this horror to unstoppably kill off life being the ultimate expression of what we need to recognize and fight as a pathology within a certain number of humans, who then ruthlessly gain wealth and power to pathologize others and whole societies to predate on their behalf...

If Yulia really is alive and they aren't just saying that she was released, and if her father is also still alive - is he being held hostage to ensure her going with their (ever-changing, but always Russia-blaming) story?

Going by the stories I've seen, either Sergei Skipal's beloved (and $2,500-to-bring-to-Britain) cat was used for tests and the remains cremated, with the guinea pigs callously left to starve; alternately that all 3 pets were brought to Porton Down to be used for tests and killed, to be cremated, although the story the media currently are sticking with, was that they were all sadistically left in the house to die of dehydration, with the cat found still alive but rather than being rehydrated and pumped with electrolytes and nourishment, put down by a vet while the owner still purportedly lives.

(Although the sick, sadistic aspect didn't actually need to be mentioned in any of the articles and wasn't, that I saw. Certainly shows the pathology involved, regarding the torture inflicted upon both several helpless animals and the Skripal's - if alive to know about it, and the pets likely simply being disposed of to avoid having to 'explain' their abandonment by their owner, while waiting and providing conflicting stories for each change on different sloppy cover stories in case the never-located source of 'Russian poisoning' called for the involvement of the pets in the story-line, during the stalling for a month of 'critical condition' bulletins in a hospital where the resident expert medical consultant wasn't brought into it and, certainly at the time of the incident and at least for some time afterward, had no knowledge of any such nerve-gas-afflicted patients ever being there. Wonder if that specialist's still practicing there, threatened/gag-ordered into silence...

(The excuse of testing a suffering-but-alive victim's obviously non-poisoned pets for a deadly poison and then killing them [why? Their vet would have taken them until Sergei got out of hospital/rehomed them, no doubt] obviously wouldn't hold up, if claims of the house interior being poisoned had been pushed, although this was apparently considered, but in which case, the animals would have been 'found dead' already; evidently not knowing what to do about which story to go with or about the use of the animals in the changing story-line, (that poison-stricken policeman never seems to be referred to by name in news stories? Or interviewed?) these helpless animals were cold-bloodedly murdered by slow starvation and dehydration.

(Neither would any claim of both Skripals relocating somewhere top-secret, cutting off all contacts with family and friends, in the two different countries in which their lives are based, and abandoning even their vulnerable and beloved pets - and Yulia's live-in but seemingly now MIA? BF - stand scrutiny. But psychopaths aren't capable of understanding how human emotions such as love, ethics and empathy feel and work, they can only imitate to fake the visible/audible bits and to use these against us...)

Relatives are refused visas, with only one short, odd phone call arranged from the controlled end and a 'temporary' phone - and now they are to be smuggled into the land of the US PTB (or any of 3 other countries, to confuse the issue) under 'new identities', never to be heard from again?

Yulia's said-to-have-been-live-in boyfriend (and presumably her pet? can't even recall but think small dog? Just remember that she had a pet) in Russia are said by neighbors to have 'moved to his dacha', leaving mail piling up and the place simply abandoned in a news report I've read - wtf?

His beloved is poisoned and he vanishes off to his summer home, according to quotes in that article, without the press tracking him down? (Respecting his privacy? Was some MI-whatever-number or CIA operative sent to Russia to snatch/silence him to stop him making inquiries about his common-law wife?)

The only explanations I can find to explain this would be that either they are dead and their bodies cannot be produced without implicating the British government or they are hostages whose stories would implicate the British government. And that would help to explain some of their lunatic expressions of hysteria.

TBTB, et al, are accustomed to getting away with implausible explanations for all kinds of actions, including evident and highly suspicious murders passed off as 'suicides' or 'accidents', even with claims of different causes of death than those known and even visible, even when publicly caught out.

Now, perhaps they've finally gone from the traditional contemptuous 'the public knows but - what are they going to do about about it?' to seriously wondering 'the public knows - what are they going to do about about it'? This is actually a good thing, of course, if they don't trigger WW3 in an effort to cover up evidence of what's already known, and if they are finally held to account, with all psychopaths cleared out of politics.

And if the British government is replaced with sane human beings, perhaps this will help Americans - and the rest of us around the world - to do the same, as various of TPTB lose their death-grip on the world, even if one hook-taloned grasping finger at a time.

Where there's life, there's hope. Even if they are unicorn dreams.

Putin's still trying to avoid the nuclear obliteration TPTB are aiming for, and hoping that sanity will prevail.

Probably - thinking of (JFK?) telling the neo-cons nobody was going to go cower in bunkers while blasting off nukes at other people's countries to see if the planet survived or not, so they'd better think of something else - the most sensible thing to do would be to destroy those ginormous underground mall-bunkers and the other luxury bunkers of all involved in this global take-over/destruction thing, so that they have nowhere to tell themselves that they could survive forever in comfort and safety, no matter what they did to the planet. Isn't that what bunker-busters are for?

Also, something heartening, by way of sanity support by an expert:

‘They decided who to blame beforehand’: Ex-Pakistani intel chief on Skripal case
Published time: 10 Apr, 2018 01:55
Edited time: 10 Apr, 2018 08:55

The former director general of Pakistan’s Military Intelligence has offered a comprehensive dismissal of the UK’s claim that Russia was behind the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal.

In an interview with RT, Asad Durrani explained that, in the Skripal poisoning case, the authorities had already settled on who to blame for the attack before investigators had completed a formal probe, or had even started taking names.

According to the three-star general, there can only be two reasons for this. “That means either you are quite sure who to blame or you have already decided before you launched that operation, call it a false flag operation, as to who is going to be blamed,” he said. ...

...Durrani, who is also a former chief of the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence, said that all these questions hanging over the case have undermined the UK’s claims of Russian involvement, to such an extent that their allies were quick to lose faith in the narrative. “In this particular case the credibility of the whole process, since it is lacking, I do not think they have been able to convince even their own allies for very long that this is a genuine operation launched by Moscow,” he said.

READ MORE: Corbyn calls on Boris Johnson to come clean about Skripal attack, Novichok & Russia

And I just got a notification:

Yulia Skripal issues statement via British police, asks cousin not to contact her
Published time: 11 Apr, 2018 19:11


Psychopaths are such freaking idiots! She doesn't even want to know how her family, live-in BF and pet are doing? And she hands this rejection of all that she loves out through police? Yeah, right!

Hostage, or murdered; no other options are feasible. And the latter's more likely, as an impostor couldn't keep an impersonation up for long with family, nor dedicate her life to it.

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Psychopathy is not a political position, whether labeled 'conservatism', 'centrism' or 'left'.

A tin labeled 'coffee' may be a can of worms or pathology identified by a lack of empathy/willingness to harm others to achieve personal desires.

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yet none of the NATO members have said that they need to put a stop it. This my friends is called hypocrisy. Then there's that genocide happening in Myanmar where over 700,000 people have been killed and the only reason I heard about it was because gjohnsit wrote about it. This too is called hypocrisy.

The UN vote to wait until OPCW completes their investigation was voted down by the US, the UK, France and Poland while Russia, China, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan and Bolivia voted for it.

Why bother voting when the countries that want regime change in Syria are going to do whatever the Hell they want?

To sum up. Less than 50 people were allegedly killed by a chemical weapons attack and some countries think that the best response is to bomb Syria while hundreds of thousands of people are being killed in Yemen and those same countries don't believe that they should protect them.

Quick look over there .... Pandas!


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The public has been conditioned over time—in ways that would make Pavlov’s dawg seem like an in independent thinker

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or any other American, British or German media. This video shows how Russia helped people flee from Ghouta after they had been held by our Syrian terrorists. My gawd, the amount of suffering that we brought to country after country is unimaginable. Imagine having to leave your house with only what you can carry to go live in a horrible refugee camp.

This video starts with Russia talking about how the terrorists are being supplied with 80,000 lbs of chlorine gas and how they are getting ready to setup the false flag event.

The whole damn world knows that this was a false terrorist attack and yet they refuse to tell us to back the Hell up and stop this debacle!

Where are the protests against this upcoming insanity like there were before the Iraq war? Or do people believe that Assad did the deed? How many WMDs false flags can people continue to believe? I thought that after Iraq people would have refused to believe the propaganda.

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The public has been conditioned over time—in ways that would make Pavlov’s dawg seem like an in independent thinker

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I thought that after Iraq people would have refused to believe the propaganda.

"Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?"

As a nation, the powerful learned long ago that intelligence of the masses is counterproductive to hegemony.
Public schools will be obsolete and education will become too expensive for those who don't "deserve".
There will be no protests until there's nothing left to do.
Hopefully some will teach the truth.

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Regardless of the path in life I chose, I realize it's always forward, never straight.

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It's so unbelievable how people can be fooled over and over again with the same false story. I'd have thought that people were smarter than that, but sadly, no. Heavy sigh.

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The public has been conditioned over time—in ways that would make Pavlov’s dawg seem like an in independent thinker


Where are the protests against this upcoming insanity like there were before the Iraq war?

I think they are coming. A lot of organizing seems to be happening. Many of us won't stand for this without a fight.

But remember: there is a real feeling for those that were there that the Iraq protests were ignored. By the press, and by both parties. We had hundreds of thousands out protesting the Iraq war, and they (Colin and Dick and Dumber et al.) went in anyway.

If folks thought it would matter to the PTB, they would be out there. The antiwar movement, I think, was left feeling pretty powerless after that debacle. Stupid, wrong, immoral. Oh, but capitalism and MIC. Got it. Too many I know are too cynical to take to the streets. It's a waste of time for them.

Part of that idea leaking into the ether I think was really part of the plan to be honest. Remember over at TOP? Protesting was frowned upon. Immature, waste of time etc.

I'm hoping the recent examples of BLM protests, teacher's strikes etc. will remind us all that there is a choice. Some voices (paid and partisan) will try to stifle our protest. Will it work?

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The insiders still have their hearts set on a war with Russia. They didn't get Hillary and her no-fly zone over Syria, so they immediately pivoted to "Russia Russia Russia, we were attacked, it was an act of war"!
And if Trump doesn't "go big" on Syria (as an answer to this obvious false flag) he will be 'doing Putin's bidding'.
Hell, Hillary is even prepping Pompeo for the SoS gig. So they (the insiders) might get their no-fly zone yet.
We're powerless against this insanity. Just about our only hope now is for Trump to demand undeniable proof (unlike WMDs in Iraq) before we further escalate the Syrian civil war (in which we should've never been involved in the first place).

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Mike Taylor

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@Mike Taylor is pretty much the only thing that can stop the war machine.

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"Obama promised transparency, but Assange is the one who brought it."

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the rich breadbasket of Ukraine. Next headline "Petro Poroshenko gases his own people, Russia invades to stop the carnage". - checkmate. LOL


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"Democracy is technique and the ability of power not to be understood as oppressor. Capitalism is the boss and democracy is its spokesperson." Peace - FN