Open Thread - 12-15-23 - To the Victor Belong the Spoils

The history of mankind is basically a timeline of war, from the first empires to the present. Many great civilizations, cultures, histories and knowledge down through the centuries have been lost to war. There are many examples of the victors erasing a peoples existence and replacing it with their concept of national identity. For example, The Old Testament is full of war, genocide and slaughter. History books are chronicles of war with intermittent smatterings of peace and prosperity. How much knowledge has been lost to the scourge of war? We will never know what the world has missed or how different it may have been because of the antiquities that were conquered and lost forever.

If the victor rewrites history in its favor, how can we trust anything that has been handed down to us, considering the possibility that the other side of the story may have been lost or altered for all of posterity? How much knowledge has been lost due to war, and the rewriting of history. The Library of Alexandria is just one example of ancient histories and knowledge lost to conflict. What knowledge and wisdom was lost forever in that fire of conflict? We'll never know.

Attribution: Sanjiv Banga
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Open Thread - 12-08-23 - Impirium Parasitus

Empires are parasites.

Impirium Parasitus (U.S. Empire) lives upon two hosts, the internal host and the external host. The citizens as the internal hosts and the victim as the external host country or state. Sometimes the relationship is symbiotic, but most times it's only beneficial for the parasite. In end stages when the host/s are no longer to be found or have been depleted, the Impirium Parasitus may turn exclusively on its citizens.

Impirium Parasitus has learned and adapted from past hosts. The Vietnam War or The War in Southeast Asian taught the parasite many valuable lessons that are presently applied to contemporary conflicts.

  • The hoi polloi (common people, the masses) must not discern caskets draped in American flags.
  • The hoi polloi must not hear anti-empirical words that emanate from the popular music of the day.
  • Protest must be hidden from the citizens as much as possible.
  • The use of censorship and propaganda to obfuscate the motivation for parasitical exploitation.
  • The use of political intimidation to keep the hoi polloi in line.
  • The use of a proxy army.
Attribution:"American Progress" (Manifest Destiny) by John Gast Wikimedia

The status quo is doomed

The world economy is doomed. I'm looking from the American perspective because America is the leader in the coming collapse. We should have seen it coming in the 60s - Japan was rebuilding it's economy by starting with cheap consumer goods and taking the profits and using them to build production of higher quality goods, again and again. This worked until China did the same.

Did Somebody say "Warfare State"?

The data is in, and warfare is what we do. Ignoring all the other forms, like economic, and focusing only on "Military Interventions", it is what we do and really what we have always done to the tune of 400 such military escapades between 1776 and 2019

These are my cut-and-paste notes from the site noted, which I need to get off of my clipboard, read them and weep:

This could turn into a rant, but I'll risk it

Redacted spent a great deal of time today ( https://rumble.com/v2k74b8-ukraine-launches-massive-attack-in-donbass-us... If you get the whole program it's pretty much what I want ) talking all anti war. It seems that Ukraine has started their "spring offensive" - by shelling civilians.