Polling reveals that people who always support wars are usually idiots

Anyone who thinks that supporting the troops means supporting pointless wars, or that bombing villages somehow "teaches them a lesson" is not a deep thinker. When you encounter people that reflexively support wars against places and people that they know absolutely nothing about, you should be aware that you are dealing with someone who is both ignorant and angry.

Have we gotten even dumber in the last 17 years?

"History repeats; the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce."
- Karl Marx

Judith Miller, Karl Rove, Tom Friedman, Joe Lieberman have all crawled out from whatever rocks they were hiding under to step in front of TV cameras and tell us how wonderful a war with Iran will be.

Battle of the Hürtgen Forest: lessons learned from studying useless death on a personal scale.

Back to reality.

Begone, visions of sham impeachment. Begone, epic mounds of hypocrisy. Begone, purveyors of death, destruction, desolation.

Begone Social Justice Warriors, who only fight for the Politically Correct goal.
Begone, Snowflakes with their trigger-free zones of shelter from life.