The Weekly Watch

Waging Peace

It's the hundred year anniversary of Armistice Day....

And then they stopped, at 11:00 in the morning, one century ago. They stopped, on schedule. It wasn’t that they’d gotten tired or come to their senses. Both before and after 11 o’clock they were simply following orders. The Armistice agreement that ended World War I had set 11 o’clock as quitting time.

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The Unmentioned Nuclear War on American Citizens

Where were you and your extended family during the American Nuclear War. My extended family missed the Marshal Islands and New Mexico. Mom was one of the elementary school children in Nevada sent outside to witness the 1951 aerial bombs. Granddad had the pleasure of wiping down the Air Force planes, used to observe the explosions, without any protection or procedures to reduce radiation exposure to him or the family.

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Celebrate independence with the MIC

You can watch, and hear your tax dollars fly toward more war, more intervention, more profiteering and ultimately, more refugees to hate on, while kicking back on holiday and telling yourself how great this self-sustaining cycle of violence called the USA is. This is a symptom of decades of domestic psyops having embedded militarism into every phase of our lives…politics, economy and even recreation. This is also another accident waiting to happen.

What we can learn from Bilbo.

The Hobbit is one of those childhood stories we think about as a grand adventure, but what we don't take into account is how Bilbo lived his life AFTER the war.

This is some philosophical rambling about the nature of the Veteran, so forgive me if I state truths that would have been obvious to any reader of the Lord of the Rings upon first publishing, but modern disconnect from the war experience has relegated to the "Footnotes" category.