This could turn into a rant, but I'll risk it

Redacted spent a great deal of time today ( https://rumble.com/v2k74b8-ukraine-launches-massive-attack-in-donbass-us... If you get the whole program it's pretty much what I want ) talking all anti war. It seems that Ukraine has started their "spring offensive" - by shelling civilians.

"Live to fight another day"

Withdraw from Artyomovsk!

This is the advice which social media say the U.S. Government is today giving to the Zelensky regime in Kiev. It follows by a day or two the public release by German intelligence operatives of their own assessment of the latest course of the war, saying that the stubborn resistance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to advancing Russian ground units in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut), just as the defense of Soledar (lost to the Russians a week ago) was and is a death trap set by the Russians for the Ukrainians. As the U.S. overlords understand today, continued losses of Ukrainian forces in these hopeless PR stunts are compromising any chances of their making a spring counteroffensive when the advanced military gear now being shipped to them arrives and is put into the field.

Open Thread - 09-30-22 - Useless Parasitic Eaters

It didn't have to be this way.

All wars are banker wars. Especially this one that threatens to consume us all. We stand on the threshold of annihilation by parasite, those that will suck the homonine corpus dry.

That bank statement. That's your life. That is your worth, digits on paper. Digits that represent the totality of your life's work. What we've been taught, what we structure our lives upon is reflected in that bank statement. The Man wants your life. Is it not obvious by now. You are a slave, by different means, yet still a slave. To the monied class.

This war is shaping up to be the mother of all banker wars. Its cause is the rich man's desire to continue feeding on the sweat and toil of your existence. They, the useless parasitic eater class, have gorged themselves for so long at your expense that they are willing to gamble it all away, all for the sake of their opulence.

Let us not forget what has gotten us to this point. Greed and power. Those that have brought us to the brink will not let go. They, that have caused the financial and geopolitical mess we find ourselves in want you to sacrifice everything so they can continue their rapacious ways.