South Korea's president creates a crisis and then leaves country

Yoon and his national security advisors create a crisis along the DMZ and then leave on an international tour in central Asia promoting a so called Korean silk road.

There is high tension along the DMZ in Korea, including an incident in which warning shots were fired by the South at some North Korean soldiers who appeared to be on a work detail that crossed the MDL by mistake. While balloons fly across the DMZ carrying trash, and propaganda loudspeakers blared from the south, Yoon goes on a diplomatic tour of central Asian states to sign some "Korean silk road" commercial agreements. This just after he incredibly claims oil and gas have been discovered in the South Korean EEZ of the East Sea, after an exploration company with a multiyear contract abandoned the project. He and the first lady also skip town after the Anti-corruption Commission finds that there is nothing amiss with the first lady's acceptance of a Dior designer bag, from a Korean-American pastor who appeared to be seeking to influence public policy. Isn't it marvelous how things just come together? It is incredible that Yoon took his two top National Security Advisors with him when he left on his trip rather than face the potential consequences of their incompetent national security policies.

The Anti-Corruption Commission administrative finding of no crime of graft by the first lady was announced at close of business, when no one was left at the office, and the presidential couple had left the country. How fortunate for them! Meanwhile the new 22nd National Assembly is being boycotted by the Yoon's conservative PPP party. The majority opposition party suggested their pay be docked as they are not working.

Well, we've taken care of everything honey, let's take another international tour. Maybe that will help our poll numbers.

In absence of central gov’t measures, Gyeonggi steps in to deter leaflet launchers

Gyeonggi Province, which has criticized the government’s lack of response to defector groups launching balloons full of propaganda leaflets into North Korea, has decided to dispatch provincial police to step up surveillance in areas where more balloons are likely to be launched. The province added that if the situation deteriorates, it may also designate certain sections of the border with North Korea as “danger zones.”

Gov. Kim Dong-yeon of the border-adjacent province held an emergency meeting with related organizations at the Gyeonggi Provincial Office’s disaster response center on Tuesday.

“Tensions are rising on the Korean Peninsula, and there’s an urgent need for cooperation to protect our province’s residents and all Korean citizens. We will immediately dispatch provincial police to potential leaflet launch sites to bolster patrols and surveillance,” the governor said.

Kim went on to say, “If the security situation on the border deteriorates and we’re in danger of a disaster occurring, we plan to designate ‘danger zones’ and prevent the launch of propaganda leaflets in accordance with related laws.”

So the suburban provincial government on Seoul's perimeter which abuts the DMZ moves into the vacuum during a crisis caused by the Yoon administration's reckless confrontational posture with North Korea. Even the US ambassador to South Korea tries to distance himself from policies the US previously encouraged.

US envoy to S. Korea suggests restraint is needed on anti-N. Korea leaflets

Ambassador Philip Goldberg said that while the US believes in “free speech,” there is a need to reduce tensions, not increase them — in contrast to the Yoon administration’s use of free speech as a motivation for not stopping defector groups from provoking Pyongyang with anti-regime leaflets

What about the US B-1b bombers dropping JDAMs last week, or the artillery and tank live firings along the DMZ? The renewed propaganda loudspeaker activity at the DMZ? VOA encouraged the South Korean government to get rid of the 9.19 agreement creating buffer zones along the DMZ and in the West and East Seas to limit the chance of confrontation and escalation.

Goldberg also mentioned tensions surrounding the abandonment of the September 2018 inter-Korean military agreement and suspension of its terms.

“This also has to do with the leaflets that go North and in part their response from the North,” he said.

“We of course believe in free speech and the rest, but we also understand that we need to reduce tensions, not increase them,” he added.

His remarks were taken as suggesting that the scattering of leaflets in North Korea provoked it to retaliate by sending the trash balloons. They were also read as urging groups to refrain from sending the leaflet balloons into the North — in contrast with the South Korean government, which has cited freedom of speech as the reason for not taking action to prevent them.

S. Korea fired warning shots after N. Korean troops briefly crossed border

North Korean soldiers briefly crossed the land border with South Korea on Sunday but went back over to their side after warning shots from South Korean troops, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Tuesday.

The Joint Chiefs described the incident in a message to the Ministry of National Defense press corps. “A group of North Korean soldiers who had been working in the DMZ in the central portion of the front briefly crossed the MDL at 12:30 pm on June 9. But after a verbal warning and warning shots from our military, they returned to the north. Aside from the North Korean troops immediately returning to their side after warning shots by our troops, there were no incidents of note.”

Military tensions were high on both sides at the time of the brief crossing because the South Korean military was preparing to initiate broadcasts from loudspeakers in response to North Korea’s launch of balloons filled with garbage. If the North Korean troops had returned fire, it could have escalated into an armed clash between the two sides.

“At least 10 North Korean soldiers briefly crossed the MDL by no more than 50 meters. As soon as [our troops] fired warning shots, they crossed back over the MDL,” said a source with the Joint Chiefs.

Here's a video suggesting Yoon's inability to function without his wife's prompts. I think this was for Buddha's birthday ceremonies. Stick with it, no need for the audio, she's functioning in the Jill Biden mode here. Title is Public event reveals First Ladies customary practice:

So who's the boss while the First Lady is out of the country? The defense minister Shin Won-shik, whose far right youtube channel was so extreme it was erased before his nomination? He is also the architect of the dismantling of the 9.19 agreement and the "punishment policy" for any North Korean responses.

Or maybe it's the feckless prime minister Han Duk-soo. Han has the personality and demeanor of ineffectual bureaucrat. He has the role of trying of to explain the Yoon administration's incomprehensible disorganization and lack of any policy beyond purging agencies of competent personnel and prosecuting critics and political opponents.

This pitiful economic performance comes from the conservative president and party that ostensibly serve South Korea's business interests.

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