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On 01-22-2015, the following message suddenly shone forth into the blogosphere:

Welcome new members.

Submitted by JtC on Thu, 01/22/2015 - 10:10pm

Welcome to caucus99percent. You can write a new diary by clicking the "Diaries" or "My Blog" links in the header or Navigation menu, then click the "Create a new diary" link. The title, body and tags sections must be filled in. All the HTML tags you are familiar with from other sites also work here, you'll find a list of allowed HTML tags below every diary and comment area.

There are no restrictions on diary length or subject so write about whatever you feel like. Initially there are no rules except DBAD, although that may change as the site grows.

If you have any questions please consult the FAQ page first and if your question is not answered then ask here in this diary in the comment section.

Thank you and enjoy your visit. was officially open for business. What Johnny didn't include was that he was already in the hole and out of pocket a significant amount of bread that he had sunk into this new home and or lifeboat for those seeking genuine adult level, nonpartisan, open, free and freewheeling discussion of life, the universe and all that, with a healthy dose of politics on the side. It was, furthermore, the new home of that world famed and most illustrious source of news and blues, Joe Shikspack's The Evening Blues.

Johnny continued to spend far, far too many man hours, more than his business really could stand, and far, far too much bread. He refused however to sell his or our names, soul or eyeballs, and the place remains ad free. He also eschewed the solicitation of funds. It is his home, and Joe's, and mine damnit, and that of many others. Arguably, those of us not running the damn place, such as you and I, should be paying rent, nes't ce pas?

Johnny would never stoop to beg, but was finally persuaded to include donation buttons up there in the upper left hand corner, as well as some other donation information. I, however, ain't Johnny, and

So, up there, right up in the upper LEFT, at least once, but preferably recurring. It's easy and satisfying. Really. This is our pool, so to speak, so we otter to keep it filled.


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I won't be around when this posts, sorry.

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a pleasant surprise to wake up to.

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My bank AUTOMATICALLY sends monthly funds to JtC and I don't have to do ANYTHING! I love this site that much - to make a monthly donation - and I've increased it over the years!

Don't just talk - walk your talk by ponying up monthly funds to keep this wonderful place vibrant and viable!


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Women are human beings, not prey.
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@Raggedy Ann

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Help me Mr. Wizard!

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Time for this one to come home.

I am EdMass. I approve this message.

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Donation done.

As an aside, I wonder if JtC has looked into Brave browser and brave rewards. I find myself with the equivalent of about $3.50 to toss around monthly which I get just for using the browser (there are reasons for that, it isn't marketing).

Bottom line is that the browser (locally) records which sites I go to and offers up a suggested split monthly. Right now, the money in my pot is donated by Brave to get things going. Eventually, it'll be put there by advertisers. So the advertisers will be paying me directly for viewing their ad... or not as I choose... adblocking is a core feature.

Anyway, I think it's potentially cool technology and if nothing else, it's a shame my monthly stipend is going to waste.

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