Putin to Trump: "The ball is in your court"--significant double entendre

Well the Lame Stream Mediocrity has completely glossed over this statement and accompanying gesture, wherein Vlad actually gave Donny a real Adidas Telstar Mechta (dream) ball from the World Cup

Video of Putin giving Trump the ball (41 seconds)

Seems like a nice gesture. Nyet?

How does the Telstar mechta ball work?

So how does it work? Ah yeah, that's why you're here. Well, the NFC enabled device (smartphone) sends radio frequency signals that interact with the NFC tag (inserted inside the Telstar 18 ball). The signal allows your phone to communicate with the tag. Your phone will receive the information from the tag, which will then open the Telstar 18 experience.

Yes, that ball the an NFC (near-field communications microchip) built inside. Such a chip could hold lots of information--you know, like soccer scores and Hillary's 33K emails. By the way Donald's hands aren't so tiny when he held the ball easily--but can he dribble (double entendre here also)?

So, like a good detective, I took a Q ride to this comment:

The Q message is from June 15, 2018, a month before the summit. Coinkydink? Not likely. I extracted another picture from A DeceptionBytes YouTube video

Putin to Trump: the ball is in your court.

The relevant information in the video is in the first 10+ minutes. Here's a screen shot for those who would like the Cliff Notes version:

For those whose vision is challenged, here is what the anon says:

Credible theory on "the football"
Consider the following:
• Putin has digital info Trump needs.
• Putin gives Trump a soccer ball at a critical time
• This particular soccer ball contains NFC tech capable of transmitting digital information.
• Consider that Trump knows our meme of Barron being a tech genius (he's "very good with computers")
• Ball was examined by USSS as the Trumps were leaving.
• Putin: "the ball is now in our court". Obvious double meaning?
Did we just watch the most important data transfer in world history on television in front of the whole world, disguised as a tongue-in-cheek goofy gesture?
"Keep your eye on the ball," Q.
It appears to be more than possible. Even likely?

Stranger things have happened, such as Dismalcrats thinking Killary was a viable candidate. Of course you may choose to ignore this theorem.

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Like Putin couldn't have given Trump a microchip in their private meeting.

Occam's razor. Puh-leeze.

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@arendt with a football, would we? Will we ever know? Tune in for next month's exciting installment of Futbol 2018, the Replays.

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