NYT Survey for Dem. Leadership

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When Neolib, warmonger, bought, POS Ron Kind pisses on day-drunk Pelozi, she might just be done.

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The only reason the 1% are rich is because the 99% have agreed to it.

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infamous launchpad for W’s disastrous invasion of Iraq, catapults the propaganda in a cloud of groupthink like this one had better ask questions before swallowing. Change cuts both ways. This smells like establishment Dems (and their Republican friends) circling the wagons in the face of the population warming to Socialist ideas.

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At least put a quote or a summary or something. ~shiver~ Thanks, I did skim the article like a curious cat. Ack!
Edited: to add whole paragraph that made me mad. Thanks chambord and Mark from Queens

About 60 Democratic House candidates have said that they prefer new leadership if the party wins back the House in November. Some have specifically said they would not support Representative Nancy Pelosi as speaker. Many are in districts that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee hopes to flip from red to blue.

Hey! They forget to put WHITE in that slogan, non-patriots. What in hell does "from red to blue" mean anymore? Steve Mnuchin --> Kamala Harris? The revolving door is for donors, not constituents. get real

No Ds - No Rs
Nada 2018
break free

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Please excerpt pertinent parts for us, if it's worth having a discussion over. But as the Neoliberal "paper of record" they've shown to be less than truthful arbiters in their motives and intentions for a good long while now. Moreover, corporate media has always run a protection racket for the the Power Elite. I'm not saying once in a while something truthful and probing in the interests of the 99% might not slip by. But they're mostly there as a mouthpiece for corporate power, war and the status quo.

Just had trouble trying to find this article that really rips into what they're about. Used as many words as I could remember about this Swedish filmmaker's scathing expose about a visit to the Times Building. Found it only when I put C99, my name and the little I remembered. "An Obituary for the NY Times."

The whole thing is a must-read. Here's an excerpt:

Bill Keller spoke of how he successfully negotiated to freeze the NSA warrantless wiretapping-story uncovered by Eric Lichtblau for two years until after the re-election of George W Bush. This top-floor was also where the Iraq WMD evidence was concocted with the help of the Pentagon and handed to reporter Judith Miller to pen, later letting her hang when the wind changed. This, Keller also told me, was where the CIA and State Department officials were invited to take part in daily editorial meetings when State Department Cables were published by WikiLeaks. I would personally witness how this was the place where Sulzberger himself oversaw the re-election coverage of president Obama. And this was much later where the main tax-evaders of the US would make their cases so that the Panama Papers on their tax records would never reach the public eye (which at the time of writing, they have yet to be).

As a Swedish journalist, educated in large part on Anglo-Saxon literature, I had together with many of my peers seen The New York Times as a guiding star in standards of journalism. Its feat in publishing the Pentagon Papers- the proof that the United States had fabricated the reasons for going to war with Vietnam- was something that we read about in school, and it inspired me to want to work in the profession and uncover the dirty deals of my own government. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the very same paper had these special floors, off-limits to journalists, where the dodgiest deals with the dodgiest figures were being brokered, and that the heads of this newspaper were not even embarrassed about it. Rather, quite the contrary, they seemed to gloat.

After meeting with Keller and Sulzberger at The New York Times, I felt a heavy sense of sadness about what I had witnessed. I felt sad for the staff of the newspaper, many of whom had gone through great risks for their profession and their audience. I felt sad for my generation of journalists who had been robbed of a role-model in journalism. And I felt sad for the American readers, many of whom still had no idea of what was happening on the top floors of The New York Times Building on 8th Avenue.

Also read this masterful takedown response to a hit-piece on himself, by our favorite Occupy comedian/host of RT's "Redacted Tonight,"

Lee Camp: How to Write Propaganda for the NY Times – As Demonstrated in an Article About Me

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"If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:


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Thanks for the share.

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