Monsanto Going Down: update.

Most folks, when they know they are dying, make their wills, get their affairs in order, maybe try to apologize for past misdeeds, maybe if they are well known or have had public careers, try to get their stories told. Former groundskeeper and terminally ill cancer patient Dwayne Johnson, a hero in my opinion, is suing Monsanto. Johnson used Roundup, Monsanto's flagship product, often as part of his duties. Parents do like to see an expanse of green lawn around their children's schools, and, while they are apt to complain about pesticides, don't seem to have a problem with herbicides. Johnson developed a fatal form of cancer, a result, he and his lawyers claim and will attempt to prove, of his exposure to Monsanto's most profitable product.

He is not the only one. The article cited points out there some 400 other plaintiffs alleging harm from use of the supposedly "safe for humans" herbicide. If Monsanto were a person, we would be calling this murder, or homicide at least.

Once upon a time, I have read or heard somewhere, companies had things called charters, and those charters could be revoked at the will of governments. Something I would like to see on political party's platform is companies who cause harm to people or the environment can have their charters revoked.

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I think the plan is to lose the Monsanto name. I doubt that will end the harm. I don’t know how much Bayer can be held accountable for the sins of Monsanto.

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@Lily O Lady @Lily O Lady I was wondering that too. Doesn’t seem fair they’d get to wipe the slate clean but not much seems fair anymore. (Not like I have any faith anything substantial would happen to Monsanto anyway.)

And the name change thing can’t help but remind me of the Dems “we need better messaging” refrain. Same toxic product but new improved name! Sheesh.

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@Lily O Lady
were merged to create IG Farben, and one of those spun off when it was broken up after WWII without being held accountable for its own sins, you might be right.

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@Lily O Lady @Lily O Lady

Although Bayer will be the surviving name, I believe that Bayer will be legally responsible for Monsanto's past sins, as well as going forward.

Once, organic farmers sued agraterrorist Monsanto. The lawsuit involved the FDA giving Monsanto a certain approval, even though Monsanto had not complied with EPA requirements. Through its Solicitor General, Elena Kagan, the administration weighed in on the side of the FDA.

Obamabots and Dembots immediately claimed falsely that the administration had no choice but to support the FDA, despite undermining the EPA.

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@Lily O Lady a merger or acquisition absolves Monsanto of responsibility for past misdeeds.

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didn't have a stake in those ill gotten gains."

And I'm entirely sure that will pass the new Supreme Court. Hell it probably would have been the decision of the current court, too.

I feel you though. I share your disgust of these corporate food cartels. Food should not be poison and food and food production should not be dangerous to the environment.


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couldn't do anything. And every time we reported mis use of Round Up, we got in deeper with the neighbor, a multi state orchard grower. The one and only fine went to the state list with the Mexican tractor driver on the record. He and his family were our neighbors and good people.

It was awful. I ended up not able to eat for three months; wrecked immune system; on IViG for over a year. But in the end finally still, recovering. Ability to take in cocktails was a major achievement.

France fights Monsanto. The EU and GB have an uneasy relationship with them.

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@LeChienHarry for sharing your story with us.

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1. The abortive attempt by AG Holder to bring an anti trust suit against Monsanto. That was shot down by a super lobbyist who works for M, I forget his name. I most recently heard of him bundling contributions for Killary.

2. The lawsuit brought by a group of organic farmers and seed companies, including Baker Creek Seeds, to stop M from suing farmers whose fields had been inadvertently contaminated by GMO pollen. That went to the Supreme Court, which found for M., but M. had to make "an undertaking" to never again sue farmers who had not bought their RU ready seeds. The plaintiffs were foolish to bring suit in New York City, of all places.

3. M. managed, with plenty of help from the national Democratic Party, it is my belief, to fight off a slue of state initiatives to label GMO ingredients.

4. Now, M. is facing lawsuits alleging serious harm, like fatal diseases, caused by Roundup. This is something the public can understand. GMOs don't obviously make you sick, at least not yet, and prestige of Science and but my uncle's job on a farm and those Luddite hippies want us to go back to before Better Living Through Chemistry.

Also, some time ago, the late and lamented Johnny Cochran managed to extract a US$750M settlement--I KNOW it was nowhere near enough, but that is what the court allowed--from Monsatan for the good people of Aniston, AL, for polluting their water supply with toxic runoff.

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