The Lie That Is Freedom Of Speech

If 'Murica truly had freedom of speech, then 'Murica itself would reflect that. But we fucking don't.

Let's be real here: The right-wing has had full carte blanche to say whatever the hell they want for as long as this plutocratic shitstate of a country has existed. Meanwhile, the victims of their bullshit are being charged with crimes while the actual criminals get away with it all.

Meanwhile, the centrists just keep going along with it all while grandstanding about stupid shit:

Yet the only time we ever hear about anything even remotely left-wing is when the far-right and their centrist enablers want to smear or break us out of existance. And any left-wing movements that have had success in the past have been utterly whitewashed to conform with the corporate power structure that holds us by the balls.

Examples of this fact include: Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, FDR, LBJ, Rosa Parks and JFK. And three of those were killed by the CIA. Others, such as Karl Marx, Eugene Debs, Smedley Butler and Howard Zinn have been largely whitewashed out of existance, save for when the corporate shitstate needs a commie boogeyman to make the proles shit themselves.

So while a few of you out there whine that we should let these right-wing Trumpflakes speak, remember that WE will never be allowed to do the same. Ever.

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It looks like we were both thinking about civil rights this morning.

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Unless you own enough crap that you can set your cash on fire and not give a damn.

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"You can't just leave those who created the problem in charge of the solution."---Tyree Scott