Kim Iversen Interviews Tulsi

Hey All--slow 3 or 4 days on the Tulsi front. No updates on donor numbers or new campaign appearances. Oddly enough, there have also been no new polls (state or national).

Early today, however, Kim Iversen posted her full interview with Tulsi. It's decent, maybe offers a few new insights into the candidate. Some in social media are saying it is Tulsi's best interview yet; others are saying she just repeats the same things she has been saying and needs to be a bit more off the cuff. I watched it and thought maybe both those sets of opinions were right!

You can watch it here!

Iversen has about 43,000 subscribers to her Youtube channel. I'm very impressed with her, and I think she's an up-and-coming star in the alternative lefty media set. Just to give some comparisons in that set, assuming Youtube subscriptions generally equates to potential number of people viewing your videos:

Secular Talk/Kyle Kulinski: 647k
Jimmy Dore: 525k
Redacted Tonight/Lee Camp: 194k
Empire Files/Abby Martin: 134k
TBTV/Tim Black: 114k
Kim Iversen: 43k
Status Coup: 33k
MCSC Network/Niko House: 31k

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and wondered if there will not be a second part to it since I thought she said she had talked to Tulsi over a period of two days.

I think Kim Iversen's interview was also very good because she spent a lot of time on Tulsi's various stands regarding regime change wars and the difference in her stand on those versus her stand on the war on terror. I think it clarified the nuances and differences in how Tulsi views the use of our military under varying conditions.

I subscribed to Kim Iversen about a month ago and have been very impressed with her thus far.

So far, I think Michael Tracey's interview of Tulsi was the best one. It is posted on YouTube, but it is an audio podcast only.

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more important, I believe is, is who is willing to work with her and who not. I think it's a mistake for Sanders and Warren to be not open about how they will relate to Gabbard.

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