JoJo verbally disemboweled when a Veteran he sent to War began cutting.

Lovers of Schadenfreud (and who these days isn't), you will love the scene when JoJo gets confronted face to face with a pissed off Iraq war vet. Following this delicious tongue bashing, Kyle adds his finer touches to the story.

Kyle continues stringing JoJo's figurative gutting out further. O Schadenfreud, I love You.

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are the women, who gave their delegates to Joe Biden, and the timid politeness of the media talking heads that are too coward to play hardball with reporting the obvious visible truth about Joe Biden.

The war veteran in the above video: I saw it when it came out and been posted here (sorry to forget by whom and being too demoralized to search for it again).

I just thought that the veteran saying that Biden is disqualified was not tough enough. Biden lied about his first son's death making it sound like his son died during combat in a war. Same lies he uses now to save his other son's role in the Ukraine. I understand parents, who want to save their kids' butts (I would do too), but what Biden does is just not acceptable being a current Senator and campaigning for Presidency at the age of 77.

Look here where all this shit leads to, Trumps' son fighting against Biden's son ...
Donald Trump Jr. Challenges Hunter Biden To Debate "Grifting" - Posted By Tim Hains -On Date March 9, 2020
I mean it is really - as my mother would have expressed it in German - "zum Mäuse melken" (milking the mice).

The rightful anger of the Veteran itself turns out to be self-destructing in the end and I am more scared right now over the 'mental stability' of the Veteran though I fully agree with his judgement about Biden.

May be I should try to milk rats instead mice ... I wonder why it took me to get 70 years old to understand what my parents thought - but not spoke about much - when they were in their twenties (around 1938).

I take another nap... if I can sleep that is.

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@mimi I noticed something very unfortunate in the Axios video. Don Jr. is quite eloquent. This has nothing to do with political beliefs. And this is what makes that scary. In this land of holy Nepotism, after Commander Cheeto leaves office, who do we get next? It won't be Nikki Haley. It won't be Pam Bondi. Nope, it will be Don Jr and if that is the case--and the economy holds up--then he will become a formidable opponent. You can bet the Q team, whoever they are, will jump right on board.

My hope is Tulsi 2024. Aloha Party, please appear. A tense nation awaits you.

By the way, probably can't get too much milk from a mouse, or is there some trick involved?

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@Alligator Ed @Alligator Ed (edit grammar mistake)
something else, which I would say is 'fitting in a picture' of 'Biden losing it and why'. It was in the German printed media, saying in one article that the widow of Beau Biden fell in love with Beau Biden's brother Hunter Biden. Joe Biden, the father, demonstratively stood behind that new relationship and mentioned too, that of course he will want to become President in 2020. Okey, dokey. That seemed to have been in October 2019.

Then another artice talked about Hunter Biden sliding into alcohol and drug addcition after the death of his brother Beau Biden and the article talked about rehabilitation efforts in luxurious detox facilities etc. The German papers' article was based on an article in the 'New Yorker' from July 2019.

I will not research for the 'New Yorker' article. There are too many tragic events in all of the involved for me to follow the 'blame someone research' trail. I chose to walk away from it.

I just think it rounds up something in the picture of Joe Biden's behavior.

It's just a thing everyone has to read and judge and research for himself.

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