IVN Poll you never heard of had Tulsi at 35%

Make of it what you will, but you'll never be allowed to see these kinds of polls on mainstream media, where they often don't even put her on the polls.

Remember heading into 2016 there were polls showing Jill Stein surging late at 22%. Most polls had her at 8%, but hadn't budged since DemExit, when other polls said she was surging. Then the election and Jill gets 1%.

This time, the only polls you're allowed to see are the ones where their handpicked respondents put Tulsi at 1%.

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Full Results

A mere 26% or respondents self identify as Republican or Democrat, while 48% self identify as Independent or Democratic Socialist.

IVN (Independent Voter Network) disclaimer states:

Last week, IVN surveyed its own audience to see who they approved of in the 2020 election. Full disclosure: this was not a scientific poll. We simply sent a survey to some of our readers asking them to select any of the presidential candidates they might support.
(my emphasis)

While I find the “results” of this informal poll heartening, it’s clear that the respondents do not fairly represent the demographics of those likely to vote in 2020 and in no way should be considered newsworthy.

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it might be that people would prefer even Trump from a corrptocrat, but even that's a stretch.

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@doh1304 Interesting you didn't include El Trumpo into the group. Yeah, yeah, I know--that was an a priori assumption we should all have made for ourselves. Other than Tulsi, I could not see myself voting for any of the other presidential aspirants. If Trump does pull out of Syria and Afghanistan completely, I might vote for him against any one other than Tulsi. But with Bolt-head and Pompous, the likelihood of anything good appearing from the Trump camp.

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but some polls are more equal than others.

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