It's Kali Yuga Day! Hail Eris!

Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ray
'Tis Kali Yuga Day
It will be every day
Til this shit goes away

My first column on this subject was on 02-17-2019, here:


I said but little:

This is the anniversary of the start of the Kali Yuga -- the age of quarrel and strife. According to one computation, we have but 427,000 more years of this shit. The good part of that is that Kali is in charge, though, frankly, she doesn't seem to be kicking ass on evildoers the way that one would hope she would. Ah well.


Centurea expanded on the topic in the comments thusly:

In the three-part creative cycle -- (1) birth/ creation/ growth of new systems and structures, (2) maintenance of the status quo, and (3) the breaking down of old systems and structures -- Shiva and Kali rule the third stage: Destruction, Death, Doom, Transformation.

The three-stage cycle applies to everything that has ever existed. Every entity, system, country, regime, person, structure, and ultimately even the planet itself. No exceptions. Anyone with any sensory perception and an IQ over the freezing point knows that instinctively. Nothing lasts forever. What goes up must come down.

Everyone understands this, that is, except 21st century capitalists and imperialists, who in their madness believe in unlimited and infinite growth, world without end, amen. Gimme, gimme, gimme, hoard, hoard, hoard, more, more, more.

Uh oh.

Shiva and Kali are on their way.


It is profoundly comforting to believe that someday all the rat-bastards, monsters, evildoers and perhaps also the myriads of annoying little shitheads will get their comeuppance. This has, in fact, been a major driver behind many religions, sects, cults and the like, especially when coupled with the belief that the goodly, righteous and/or true believers would sit on high basking in the radiated bliss of some chosen or anointed one, smugly watching said comeupping being delivered whilst personally overdosing on schadenfreude. Sadly, the day of reckoning seems always to slip just over the horizon and those who should be cast down continue to run the show, controlling and ruing everything and the lives and destinies of all except their brother and sister sociopaths and psychopaths. Ah well ...


Such is life. - Ned Kelly

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My eyes lit up when I saw your headline, because I do love me some Kali. Then I saw that you'd quoted one of my old comments from my early days here at C99. I'm happy to see that what I wrote made some sense. Blum 3

Anyway, at this point, I'm less focused on wanting the oligarchs to get their comeuppance, and more on getting on with our own work, replacing the outmoded, rotting system with something more humane and constructive.

(Well, OK, I do have this daydream about the Wall Street bankers and the Big Pharma CEOs being put on trial for crimes against humanity, à la Nuremberg. Media types like Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews would be required to attend and report honestly about the trials, before being tried themselves. But I don't want to see them executed. I'd rather they just retire, get out of the way, and let the rest of us get on with it.)

In fairness, let's face it, humans in general do not like change. Most of us have difficulty with transitions, and avoid them like the plague. (Until a plague comes along and forces change whether we like it or not.)

Right now, we've got a lot of people who have built their whole lives along a certain path, gotten used to it, put effort into it, and expected certain rewards for their effort. All of a sudden, it's started dawning on them that their future is not as certain as they believed.

This includes mega-billionaires like Bloomberg, and their paid-for politicians like McConnell and Pelosi, and their media enablers like Chris Matthews. The chances of them facing a physical execution are slim to none, but I can see how the impending changes could feel like being executed. It's not a literal death, but a death of old beliefs, old ways of operating that aren't working anymore. That's what Kali is about.

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"Don't go back to sleep ... Don't go back to sleep ... Don't go back to sleep."

"If you want revolution, be it."
~Caitlin Johnstone

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yours should be the first comment today. Yeah, comeuppance would be some sort of icing on the cake, but we must first make the cake reality, and that doesn't seem to be too likely to get any easier.

Have a good one.

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