Israel decides that it's time to 'subdue Palestinians once and for all' in the 'last war'

The final destruction of Palestinian statehood and identity is upon us, but you would never know that from reading the western press.

On Wednesday, Zvika Fogel - an MP with Ben-Gvir's ultra-nationalist Jewish Power party - hit out at Hamas, saying in an interview on Channel 12 that Israel's policy of going to war with Palestinians "every two or three years" was not enough and that it should "subdue them once and for all".
"It would be worth it because this will be the final war, and after that we can sit and raise doves and all the other beautiful birds that exist," he said, according to Haaretz.


Israel has the almost unique situation in the world, in which it can carry out racist ethnic cleansing and it's support in the West will not suffer. Only the United States and the UK are similarly blessed.

The Jewish Power party, who have become kingmakers in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new government, espouses an openly racist Jewish supremacist ideology based on the teachings of the late far-right Rabbi Meir Kahane.
"Anyone who wants to harm me, I will harm him back. And as far as I'm concerned, the concept of proportionality must cease to exist," said Fogel.
"So, I will tell you something that is very unpleasant to say. If it is one Israeli mother crying, or a thousand Palestinian mothers crying, then a thousand Palestinian mothers will cry."
When asked by the presenter if this policy was racist, Fogel said: "We are too merciful. It's time for us to stop being so. It has nothing to do with racism."

Remember the Great March to Return just five years back? When Israeli snipers intentionally killed 233 mostly unarmed Palestinians, including dozens of children. How did the world respond?
U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said "Anyone who truly cares about children in Gaza should insist that Hamas immediately stop using children as cannon fodder in its conflict with Israel."
Now some people might say "If you really cared about children then you would stop killing them." There is nothing that Israel can't be forgiven for.

Israel, on the other hand, doesn't forgive anything. On December 20, 2019, the International Criminal Court announced an investigation into war crimes allegedly committed in Palestine by Israeli personnel or members of Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups. In March of 2021 the ICC ruled that it had jurisdiction to investigate (the U.S. loudly protested this ruling). This was the last straw as far as Israel was concerned.
If Palestine and Palestinians didn't exist, then there would be nothing to investigate.


The PA appealing to the U.N. for help was considered to be a “decision to wage political and legal war against the State of Israel.” When Israel uses the word "war", they aren't using it as a metaphor. The Palestinian human rights lawyer that brought the case to the ICC was arrested and held without charges for nine months before deporting him.
They started by withholding all of the PA's tax revenue, thus bankrupting it. Then they forbid Palestinians from doing any construction on their land. Israel also designated six major Palestinian rights watchdogs as terrorist organizations, and raided and shuttered their offices.

Israel then telegraphed what their next moves would be. Bezalel Smotrich is currently a powerful leader in the Israeli government. He published a plan in 2017 calling for the destruction of the PA, establishment of local bodies and giving those Palestinians who refuse second-class status "incentives" to emigrate.
Another powerful MP is Itamar Ben-Gvir, who have expressed support for Baruch Goldstein, a Jewish Israeli who killed 29 Palestinians at the Ibrahimi Mosque in 1994. Ben-Gvir is the national security minister, with control over Israel Border Police’s division in the West Bank.
Until now the Israeli government has found it beneficial for the PA to exist. By keeping it chronically on the verge of bankruptcy, Israel made certain that it could not be a viable solution for the conflict, while still giving it an excuse to blame every problem in the occupied territories on the Palestinians.
Israel took steps to further isolate Palestinians from the world.

Israeli authorities have long made it difficult for foreigners to teach, study, volunteer, work, or live in the West Bank. The new guidelines codify and tighten longstanding restrictions, threatening to make it even harder for Palestinians in the West Bank, who already face severe Israeli-imposed movement restrictions, to be with family members who lack a West Bank ID and to engage with foreign students, academics, experts, and others.

There was only one more step to prepare for the coming onslaught - plans to dramatically expand illegal settlements in the West Bank, while at the very same time, evict whole Palestinian villages that have been there for centuries.
And with that the stage has been set.

Then things got ugly.

Israel has continued to step up its near-daily raids across the occupied West Bank, killing scores of Palestinians over the past year...
More than 170 Palestinians, including at least 30 children, were killed across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem last year. In January 2023 alone, at least 29 Palestinians including five children have been killed.

The UN said that 2022 was the deadliest year for Palestinians since 2006, but 2023 is already on course to surpass that, if the number of deaths stay at the same level, and there is now the potential for a full-scale uprising among Palestinians, particularly in the wake of Israel’s new far-right government, which came into power at the end of December.

A full-scale uprising among Palestinians is exactly what Israel wants. The bigger the uprising the better. And if the Palestinians don't play ball and start shooting back, then the Jewish settlers will just have to keep raising the level of violence until the Palestinians have no choice.

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For as much as the Israeli/Zionist/Jewish constantly remind the world how much they suffered the brunt of Nazi war crimes (other ethno-nationalities suffered as many or more deaths (Russian, Danes, Gays), one wold think they would be sympathetic to others besides their own. Especially considering the forcible/artificial creation of their state after WWII.

I would really like to see all US support of Israel cut off. I wouldn't shed a tear if a near neighboring "Arab" nation took active arms against them.

These days, with the Doomsday Clock 45 seconds to Midnight, it seems like it's all but inevitable anyways given the PTB madlust for worldwide devastation and bloodshed in the name of lies and MIC profit.

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Let me just add that as far as I know, Israel is an openly Apartheid state where racism is a way of life. And death.

What is the way out of this tragedy? Israel supported by the US has no reason to change its behavior. Not yet, anyway.

The Global South may, someday, have something to say. As BRICS+ is looking like it will include Saudi Arabia and the UAE, maybe things will change.


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It always does. Socialists, labor leaders, and Anti-war Germans under the Nazis. Moderate Hutus during the Rwanda genocide.
Eventually they'll be throwing white Jewish Israelis in prison that sympathize with the Palestinians and/or want peace.

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who needs enemies? The amount of U$ support for this racist regime is sick.
I think they have over-played their (Nazi) sympathy card by now.

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"Israel has the almost unique situation in the world, in which it can carry out racist ethnic cleansing and it's support in the West will not suffer. Only the United States and the UK are similarly blessed."
You forgot Ukraine.

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On to Biden since 1973

But you get the idea.

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(Bloomberg) -- The US called out the Palestinian Authority for cutting security ties with Israel after a West Bank gunfight killed nine people, as the Biden administration looked to ease tension days before Secretary of State Antony Blinken visits the region.

“We don’t think this is the right step to take at this moment,” Assistant Secretary of State Barbara Leaf said in a briefing to preview Blinken’s trip. “Far from stepping back on security coordination, we believe it’s quite important that the parties retain and, if anything, deepen security coordination.”

Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority severed security ties and announced three days of mourning following the clashes in the city of Jenin. The Israeli army said violence broke out as security forces entered the Jenin refugee camp to arrest members of the militant Islamic Jihad. Eight militants and a civilian were killed.

Leaf said Blinken’s goal would be getting Palestinians and Israelis to engage with each other, and pushed back against a Palestinian effort to raise the issue with the UN and the International Criminal Court.

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-- such a euphemism! At some point, then, we'll find out if anyone in the world wants to be against genocide.

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"The war on Gaza, backed by the West, is a demonstration that the West is willing to cross all lines. That it will discard any nuance of humanity. That it is willing to commit genocide" -- Moon of Alabama

Israel has launched multiple air attacks on the blockaded Gaza Strip a day after Israeli forces killed nine Palestinians – including an elderly woman – in the Jenin refugee camp, marking one of the deadliest raids in the occupied West Bank by Israel’s military in years.

Security sources in Gaza told the Agence France-Presse news agency that there had been 15 strikes in the early hours of Friday. Witnesses and local media reported that Israeli drones fired two missiles at targets in Gaza before fighter jets struck, causing four large explosions.

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