I Stole This from My Brother Because Although He's a Good Writer, He Hates Horn tRUmpeting LOL

Sorry brother Stitch, but this is worth reading, so I decided to post it tonight. Will post my experience below. Thank You, from your brother who wasn't there.

[used without permission. Edited for clarity and to protect names.. coupla sentences, Stitch might be mad, he might be ok w it. I think its a good piece!]

I have this memory of driving west on the expressway from 64 to exit 49. It was a beautiful morning, light blue sky, puffy white clouds, temperature in the high 60’s. It was about 7:30 in the morning, I was going in a little late. Normally it would be 6:30 and the sky would be a little darker but this day at the later hour the sky was a perfect powder blue.

Yesterday would have been my 30th wedding anniversary, I would be reminded when I wrote the date down at work. The day before was Michaels [me] birthday, I reminded myself during the week not to forget giving Mike a shout out on his 60th birthday [yep]. While I’m at it, I’ll also mention the 4th was [xxx]’s birthday; thinking of [sis] chiming in “[bro']s too.”

Today is a more political anniversary and what would happen a few minutes later 17 years ago, I remember that drive. I was just looking in that direction, 5 more miles on the expressway, where the sign says Kissena Blvd. in Kew gardens hills, queens; there is a hill that reveals the Manhattan sky line, the view rises to meet you then fades back down at the bottom of the hill.

Once at work I sat down at the computer to catch up. My friend Roger came in to tell me a plane flew into the WTC. Huh, I thought, a piper cub with steering malfunctions or the pilot had a heart attack. Puff of smoke, debris falling to the ground, people scattering out of the way; a few injured a couple killed, that’s what I thought. Roger said yeah and left, I didn’t turn my head, got to work late had to catch up.

He comes back “Another plane hit the other tower!” I froze, no way; no way that’s normal.

I went into the garage to have a cigarette and think, my boss drives into the garage. He gets out, I ask him if he was listening to the radio? He says no, I tell him to call his wife. He asks again, I just say, something big happened; just call Tish, she’ll tell you.

Even though I left him thinking one of his family might be hurt (somehow, I would know that) it was worse.

6 years ago it was the Benghazi attacks on the same day; somethings you can’t forget.

9/11 brought the country together, Bush standing on the rubble with a sooty firemen saying “they are going to hear from us real soon”; oh boy did they ever.

We split up after that, like a couple who lost a baby.

Today, we be nice, to everyone we meet.

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I was woken up by my my neighbor, looked at the clock, it was 0900 Tuesday morning. I had worked an all-nighter on some coding problem (FORTRAN lol) and needed my sleep. But, yeah, something huge just happened.

It so happens that I had a scheduled interviewed by an internal interviewer about how awesome TRW is, and yeah,they are because they totally provided a scholarship to my daughter, so I was interviewed on video, on 9-11, expressing gratitude for the recognition by scholarship of Teresa, my awesome daughter. We kind of ignored the planes, the interview was at about 10am or so. Weird point of my life. I'm encased in this soft, warm cocoon with this interviewer.

I remember the America song: ".. all the planes have been.. grounded.." Yes, that was because of Fog.

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Bernie is a win-win.

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As I peruse the articles here I am reminded how many things are going on I don’t know a thing about. So much! Who could keep up?
Truth, lies, maybe? Deceit, conspiracy, whistleblowing, all possible; we try to make sense.
Hearing news about a place 3,000 miles away might not seem urgent and received with sober concern.
On long Island, where New York City (that’s what we call Manhattan) is the connection to the country, the reality was empirical.
Spreading like a virus, were encounters with people who were stricken with personal loss.
Every fifth person you ran into was in mourning from the attack.
The other four people were anxious with the reminder, we live on an Island and can’t get off quick. There are 8 million people on Long Island, the only way out is the narrow west end; yikes!
So yeah, when I heard there was a terror attack in California, right where my brother would be eating his lunch had he went to work that day, I was frustrated with that sober concern.
Do you want to guess how I feel about the wall? Sometimes placebos work!
Grateful for the uneventful 9/11/18 (except for all the things going on I didn’t know about, when I read the pages here).

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