"The Humans" ----The Fall of America---as experienced by the Working Class

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A boatload of reviews are calling this a Family Gathering drama/comedy. The reviews rave about the performances and stress the "eeiry sounds and sights." oooooh, scary. \s

It is a horror story, alright, but the underlying meaning is the wipeout of American families by the financial wars that have been waged against us.

Here are the 6 characters: The grandmother. ravaged by Alzheimers. We wonder why she is there, so frail and out of it. We find out that to have an attendant watch her for the night, the cost is $100.00.

The late middle-aged almost retired couple. She has been an office manager for 40 years and he was the janitor at an exclusive high school until recently, when after his affair with a teacher was discovered, he got fired and lost his pension. They had no savings and have sold the bit of land they were planning to build on and retire to. He's working at Walmarts and the grandmother lives with them.

The eldest daughter who did everything right. State schools, on to law school, but now extremely ill so her job advancement opportunities ended and then her job itself, and she cannot pay her medical bills.

The youngest daughter and her husband. It's their nightmare crumbling tenement apartment in Chinatown where this drama takes place on Thanksgiving. They are the youngest and entirely oblivious to the horror of their circumstances. Both have borrowed heavily for their educations and neither one is headed towards employment that can ever support them. The daughter expected her parents to kick in. Clearly, that will not happen.

The final frame of this film is when the last light bulb in the apartment goes out as the guests depart.

You will not enjoy this film, but it makes it clear that the despair we feel and find on the web, is definitely spreading out. The reviewers may not have understood what they watched, but many viewers certainly will. Highly recc'ed by me, not a certified media reviewer/propaganda agent.

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This is the future we were never taught to anticipate.
Families trying hard to make ends meet.

the wipeout of American families by the financial wars that have been waged against us.

docudrama maybe, but comedy - not

Think I'll pass on that one. Life is scary enough without some Hollywierd theme.

Thanks for posting.

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@QMS My face was grim for the entire time I watched.

How out-of-touch with reality do you have to be to see anything funny in this?

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