Every Aspect of Russiagate is an Outright HOAX, Crafted by Paid Associates of the DNC, and Abetted by Deep State Russophobes and Their Whores in the Mainstream Media — Read Joe Lauria!

Originally published Jan 9, 2018

People are now starting to realize that the “Trump colluded with Russia” meme is a myth that Obama’s Deep State drove by relying on the third-rate, unconfirmable opposition research on Trump created by Fusion GPS and SECRETLY funded by the DNC and Clinton campaign. This is why, after 18 months or so of investigations that have gravely violated the privacy rights of Trump associates and driven some of them to the brink of bankruptcy, no evidence has emerged to confirm this myth.

So it’s about time for the other shoe to drop. The “Russia interfered in the election” claim, that most Americans now believe as firmly as they once believed that Saddam had massive hordes of WMDs, is likewise, not just an error in justice, but an OUTRIGHT HOAX. Just as Perkins Coie recruited Fusion GPS for Hillary’s campaign, they also referred the firm Crowdstrike to the DNC to examine the alleged hacking of the DNC’s server. Crowdstrike obligingly reported that the DNC had been hacked by Russian intelligence, shortly after Wikileaks announced they would be releasing a trove of emails pertinent to Hillary’s campaign.

And at this point, the “Guccifer 2.0” persona emerges, posting online documents obtained from the DNC and purposely imprinted with “Russian fingerprints” in its meta-data — an evident attempt to back up the claim that Russia was behind the alleged DNC hack. And G2.0 also announced at this time that he was the source for the DNC emails that Wikileaks was about to release. But G2.0 wasn’t sufficiently careful, because, as objectively demonstrated by cyberanalyts Adam Carter and “the Forensicator”, he left clues indicating that he had thumbdrive access to the DNC servers, was using a computer that was set to Eastern Standard Time, and made his internet postings at times suggesting he was in the Western hemisphere. Yet, in their Intelligence Community Assessment of Jan. 6th of last year, written by a couple of dozen or so intelligence analysts hand-picked by the virulent Russophobes James Clapper and John Brennan, G2.0 was “assessed” to be a Russian operative who was a Wikileaks source.

Adam Carter has concluded that, in all likelihood, Crowdstrike was responsible for the creation of the G2.0 fraud. And the evident purpose of this fraud was to characterize Wikileaks as a puppet co-conspirator of malign Russian hackers bent on Hillary’s destruction — thereby distracting attention from the incriminating content of the released emails, which offered further proof that the DNC had loaded the dice against Bernie Sanders. It may also be noted that the CEO and founder of Crowdstrike, Shawn Henry, while serving as the director of counterintelligence at the FBI (under the direction of Robert Mueller!), had attempted to destroy Wikileaks’ reputation by sending them fraudulently altered documents (which Wikileaks was smart enough not to publish).

And, most conveniently, Seth Rich, a DNC employee and Bernie Sanders fan who, in light of several lines of evidence (including statements by an FBI source of Sy Hersh) seems likely to have been the actual source of the Wikileaks DNC emails, and who was uniquely positioned to blow the whistle on the G2.0 scam, was soon thereafter murdered in a “robbery” so “botched” that no valuables were taken.

Since then, our mainstream media have run non-stop with the “Russia interfered” narrative, to the extent that most Americans believe this as a matter of course. And they have embellished this with claims that the Russian government sponsored a social media campaign to decimate Hillary. In fact, while some Russians did post on social media, and some of these may have been paid trolls, there is no evidence that they were working at the behest of the Russian government, and, in any case, an inspection of the ads that were posted by alleged Russians, and of the timing and venue of their placements, lends no credence whatever to the view they were part of a co-ordinated plan to elect Trump. Which is why the Deep State and their media whores had to segue to the claim that the evil Russians were trying to “foment chaos” and cause us to “lose faith in our democracy”.

And have the mainstream media even bothered to tell their public about the cyberanalytic analyses of G2.0 — which are on public record and objectively confirmable? Of course not, as that would crimp the narrative they have fed us for over a year. And here’s another tidbit they won’t mention — Crowdstrike installed their top-of-the-line anti-hacking program Falcon on the DNC computers several weeks before the latest DNC email released by Wikileaks was written — May 25, 2016. But of course anti-hacking programs stop and trace hacks — NOT LEAKS!

As noted, Crowdstrike was a DNC hire. And neither they nor the DNC allowed the FBI to make an independent analysis of the DNC server. And apparently the FBI did not object.

The fact that the “Trump colluded with Russia” story was hatched by Fusion GPS, retained by Perkins Coie on behalf of the DNC/Clinton campaign, and that the “Russia interfered in our election” claim was instigated by Crowdstrike, hired by the DNC on the recommendation of Perkins Coie, has been highlighted in a highly insightful essay by ace journalist Joe Lauria. In fact, this essay was so insightful that HuffPost took it down almost immediately after it had appeared, without explanation. I urge you to take a look:

The Democratic Money Behind Russia-gate

What makes the “Russia interfered” narrative particularly despicable is that it is triggering a second Cold War. The last time we had a Cold War with Russia, nuclear missiles were nearly launched BY ACCIDENT on three occasions. And of course confrontation with Russia is a great excuse for our military-industrial complex to keep bleeding us dry. But is it worth risking nuclear annihilation and massive unnecessary expense to excuse Hillary’s inexcusable loss, and to expedite a corrupt effort to impeach or at least seriously hobble a duly elected President? Apparently some people think so.

For those wanting more details, here are some of my other pertinent publications:

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Yesterday I was a spectator at the Victory Day Parade, March of the Immortal Regiment and the evening fireworks. To understand this day, you have to understand Russia and Russians, something no one in the US has even a clue about. It is inconceivable that Russia (meaning the Government of the Russian Federation) did any of the things claimed. This extends the full gambit from poisoning of spooks to shooting down passenger planes over Ukraine, to invading Crimea, to sitting by while allies drop nerve gas on their people.

The current claim is nothing short of the "fact" that Vladimir Putin put Donald Trump in office by nefarious means. If it's anything less than this, than why is everyone's panties in a wad? Although we occasionally hear the truth, that Russians' meddling did not effect the outcome of the election, it never seems to register. After all it was an electoral college landslide for Trump. So no existing argument makes any sense at all.

Let me restate this with some perspective. The Soviet Union took control over Eastern Europe and added republics to keep Western Europe from repeating the endless wars of aggression against Russia. The Soviet Empire then dissolved of its own accord. Meanwhile the USSR agreed to a united Germany and a free Eastern Europe under the promise that NATO would not expand one inch Eastward. Understand that controlling these Eastern European countries was seen as key to preventing another war from Western Europe. Well, the West lived up to its reputation and proceeded to take full advantage of the situation and expand NATO to Russia's borders. This is the prime irritant that will make a peaceful Eurasian continent extremely difficult. The US specializes in creating frozen conflicts in self reinforcing justifications. You need us because of the common enemy and we will assure that it will continue by our large presence in your country. How could Russia not have a very big, capable land force quickly deployable to her Western border?

So now comes the problem. Russia, under President Putin, is in fact way too sane. The West is constantly in need of good marketing to paint Russia as an aggressive enemy. The bullshit is endless. And self reinforcing. One agency says something, then another backs it up then the MSM backs it up and then politicians scream it at the top of their lungs. Compared to the lawless international behavior of the US, Europe and NATO, Russia is a model of good international manners. The frustration for Russia is that there are almost no political entities in the West that are willing to assume a rational, objective position. If they did, the West would sink fast in its own moral rot, and guilt.

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@The Wizard

Putin is behind the rise of the neo Nazis here in the USofA and in Ukraine and all across Europe. I saw the photos of the march yesterday and Vlad was holding up a photo of his father who was killed along with the 27 million Russians fighting against the hordes of Nazis in Russia. The Russia phobic comments that have been made since this farce started in just as insane. That people willingly accepted everything they do about Russia Gate is actually scary. That they believed everything that the CIA and FBI goons said while discounting articles showing that it was totally made up shows the power of propaganda. Did you see the video or transcript of the Mates discussing Russia Gate?

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America is a pathetic nation; a fascist state fueled by the greed, malice, and stupidity of her own people.
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A physician and psychologist, he presents a theory about what is going on in people's minds.

America In Denial: Dr. Gabor Maté On The Psychology Of Russiagate

Really interesting.

There's also an adjacent article that suggests the Deep State people are not human. They are mutations. They are predators that hunt humans in packs. They can work together without communicating through instinct.

The Ultimate Goal Of Globalists Is To Make You Into A Monster Just Like Them

Very chilling read. Has the ring of truth.

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over the past week or so you have published articles from the past, which are very good btw.

Where were they originally published?

I might have missed that.


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but then everyone was deleted without warning or discussion so he is posting them here. See his original essay on this by following his essay list.

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America is a pathetic nation; a fascist state fueled by the greed, malice, and stupidity of her own people.
- strife delivery

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@EdMass to the discussion of the situation:


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