David Brock's Outfit Cries Conspiracy Theory on #SethRich Murder Development

Media Matters: How A Fox Affiliate And Contributor Fueled Fringe Conspiracy Theories About Murdered DNC Staffer

A Washington, D.C., Fox News affiliate’s shoddy reporting purposefully validated right-wing conspiracy theories about the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich when the station published unproven claims that Rich directly communicated with WikiLeaks regarding the leaked committee emails published on that site. Following the publication of the Fox 5 DC story, Fox News hosts Bret Baier and Sean Hannity further fueled the conspiracy theories when they retweeted new conspiracies about the Rich story, including a false claim that a Washington Post report on Trump sharing classified information with Russia was published to drown out Fox 5's story.

Brock brags about how they can watch and read all media releases in real time day or night, and this hot air is the best smoke they can blow...

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when the station published unproven claims that Rich directly communicated with WikiLeaks

Not false, just 'unproven'.

As opposed to this 'false' claim:

they retweeted new conspiracies about the Rich story, including a false claim that a Washington Post report on Trump sharing classified information with Russia was published to drown out Fox 5's story.

IOW: we didn't plant the Russian conspiracy story to preempt the Rich conspiracy story. WaPo would have run it regardless.

Food for thought: How would Brock know why the WaPo editors ran a story unless he's conspiring with them to do so?

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The drama of the deep state in full factional meltdown makes Mario Puzo look like a dime store hack.

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They're immediately retreating to a prepared position.

Clinton Murder Conspiracy Theory Castle!

We'll see the usual.

The MLK Conspiracy Boiling Oil.
The JFK Conspiracy Murder Holes.
The Vince Foster Ramparts.
9/11 Mangonels...
And of course the Trebuchet of "How Dare you Politicize This!"

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I do not pretend I know what I do not know.

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Of course, their freakout is part of the nonstop red herring assault by the Neoliberal cabal, who want at all costs not to talk about this:

Have to admit, the barrage of #SethRich tweets overall is depressing. Seems to be a majority of telltale RW Drumpf zealots using the controversy to insulate Der Fuhrer from further investigation. They have no real interest in what the Seth Rich revelations should bring, or the #DNCFraudLawsuit, or that the MSM runs nonstop distraction/celebrity gossip/manufactured controversy, or the Pay to Play Elections that have signaled the death of democracy across the board; only that their celebrity reality tv show host is absolved. Same for Media Matters and the rest of the Neoliberal flunkies running cover for Hillary and the money-laundering Clinton Foundation Cabal.

The way the whole thing, that we have no credible investigative journalists willing to dig into these stories without the partisanship, is playing out, leaves one further and further from any grounding in reality. We're just being spun around, manipulated by contrivance, when we're not having our egos fed through self-aggrandizing social media, unable to extricate ourselves from the dazzling circus of propaganda that feeds consumerism, self-interest and sloth.

The human race is depraved.

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(thirty three and a third at TOP)

"If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:


- Kurt Vonnegut

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@Mark from Queens @Mark from Queens is not a right wing conspiracy. It was a Klinton Krime SyndiKate hit. Of course the RW is jumping all over this to get in any digs at the Evil Queen. But this whole business is a diversion from matters of State, the issues that really affect the day to day lives of the 99%.

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@Alligator Ed I disagree, dear Swamp King @Alligator Ed @Alligator Ed what Seth Rich apparently revealed gets right to the heart of whether or not we actually HAVE a democracy, and with what got pulled off successfully in the spring of 2016, we do NOT HAVE a functioning democracy, we have a fascistic oligarchy. And THAT effects all ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of us. Getting to the bottom of this is not a distraction. If this guy was cut down in retaliation for leaking those red hot emails, he is a martyr for democracy full stop.

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'What we are left with is an agency mandated to ensure transparency and disclosure that is actually working to keep the public in the dark' - Ann M. Ravel, former FEC member

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@MsGrin To black out Sanders, we wouldn't even have Dipshit as president.

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Modern education is little more than toeing the line for the capitalist pigs.

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@The Aspie Corner   Talking up Trump so he would become the frontrunner was their idea. The cleverest of clever strategies on their part. Or so they thought.

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@MsGrin because you include the open destruction of pretense of fair elections engaged upon by the DNC. This matter of "fair elections" is at the heart of our Republic, hence not a deflection. It was careless of me to so state. But all other matters pertaining to substantive political issues is being deflected and thus hidden from national discourse.

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@Mark from Queens That’s the reality nowadays. There’s not a news organization left where mere management still has the clout to protect its reporters against firing or arrest. Billionaire owners are almost as all-powerful as sovereign governments nowadays.

Speaking of sovereign governments, Erdogan in Turkey has imprisoned two German journalists on trumped-up charges. Against this head-on assault on freedom of the press in a fellow NATO member, the German government seems studiedly powerless.

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Lol, it wasn't annoying enough being turned into White male racist, sexist basement dwellers who later had to also become Russian spies. Now we have to be Right-Wing as well? Talk about Confusion Tactics! I'm never sure what to wear now...

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Psychopathy is not a political position, whether labeled 'conservatism', 'centrism' or 'left'.

A tin labeled 'coffee' may be a can of worms or pathology identified by a lack of empathy/willingness to harm others to achieve personal desires.

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Craig Murray, Bill Binney, and Ray McGovern have all said that it was not a hack, but a leak; that an insider horrified with what was being done to the Sanders campaign provided the information to Wikileaks.



As for Podesta, apparently someone in U.S. intelligence phished him--but as Assange has said, if Podesta fell for that, a 14-year-old could have gotten his emails.

Here's the thing: I'm far more likely to believe Murray and McGovern (who was able to independently confirm that Murray disappeared off toward American University after MC'ing an event honoring John Kiriakou, and wasn't seen again that night), and far more likely to believe Bill Binney when he says this:


Leak: When someone physically takes data out of an organization — on a thumb drive, for example — and gives it to someone else, as Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning did. Leaking is the only way such data can be copied and removed with no electronic trace.

Because NSA can trace exactly where and how any "hacked" emails from the Democratic National Committee or other servers were routed through the network, it is puzzling why NSA cannot produce hard evidence implicating the Russian government and WikiLeaks. Unless we are dealing with a leak from an insider, not a hack, as other reporting suggests. From a technical perspective alone, we are convinced that this is what happened.

Instead of believing Bill Binney, Ray McGovern, and Craig Murray, instead of believing Julian Assange, I'm supposed to believe:

the CIA
the DNC
the corporate press
various Bush Republicans, including, hilariously, a Bush Iraq War advisor, who I'm sure knows everything there is to know about solid intelligence

Why the fuck I'm supposed to believe people and organizations which lie habitually over whistleblowers who sacrificed their careers and some of whom risked their lives in order to tell the truth, is beyond me.

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The part of John Edwards could easily be played by a burnt-out light bulb.

The issue is patriotism. You've got to get back to your planet and stop the Commies. All it takes is a few good men.

Morire de cara sol.
--Jose Marti