Cecil Rhodes "plan" and his secret societies..

Many have heard of Cecil Rhodes, the biggest advocate of imperialism and the domination by European nations of the countries of the rest of the world, as an entitlement.

Interesting tidbit..Rhodes, the richest man in the world, at the time, (due to his mining activities) wanted to "recover" the United States - returning us to be a possession of the British Empire.

This is where the Rhodes Scholars were supposed to help do.

Numerous past and present day institutions were originated by Rhodes' "Secret Society".
which was later called
The "Round Table"
The UK's Times newspaper.
The Milner Group

Many others

They also did not want the UK and other victors of World War I to extract the cost of the first war out of Germany (a principal cause of WWII, which was the cause of the hyperinflation between the wars.. IMHO, this was wise. The victors of the First World War wanted too much from the Germans. See Treaty of Versailles.) However..

Rhodes was the founder of the De Beers mining company.

The so called "Band of Brothers" (Rhodes was also homosexual) appear to have been pro-Hitler and wanted appeasement with the Nazis who copied their pseudo mystical "Aryan" (racial superiority) cultural aspects..

They have a website to this day, but they claim they are no longer a secret society.

However many contemporary elitist groups share their origins in various respects with them.

Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar At Oxford and seems to have been aware of their (controversial) plan for a new world order.
(what? what was his involvement?)

Here is a video of Robin Brown, the author, talking about his well reviewed recent book on Rhodes, and this history..It is entitled "The Secret Society".

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