American Mercenaries Were Hired To Assassinate Politicians In The Middle East

America the Beautiful my dying ass.

American Mercenaries Were Hired To Assassinate Politicians In The Middle East

“There was a targeted assassination program in Yemen. I was running it. We did it.”

By Aram Roston

Cradling an AK-47 and sucking a lollipop, the former American Green Beret bumped along in the back of an armored SUV as it wound through the darkened streets of Aden. Two other commandos on the mission were former Navy SEALs. As elite US special operations fighters, they had years of specialized training by the US military to protect America. But now they were working for a different master: a private US company that had been hired by the United Arab Emirates, a tiny desert monarchy on the Persian Gulf.

On that night, December 29, 2015, their job was to carry out an assassination.

Their armed attack, described to BuzzFeed News by two of its participants and corroborated by drone surveillance footage, was the first operation in a startling for-profit venture. For months in war-torn Yemen, some of America’s most highly trained soldiers worked on a mercenary mission of murky legality to kill prominent clerics and Islamist political figures.

Their target that night: Anssaf Ali Mayo, the local leader of the Islamist political party Al-Islah. The UAE considers Al-Islah to be the Yemeni branch of the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood, which the UAE calls a terrorist organization. Many experts insist that Al-Islah, one of whose members won the Nobel Peace Prize, is no terror group. They say it's a legitimate political party that threatens the UAE not through violence but by speaking out against its ambitions in Yemen.


The company that hired the soldiers and carried out the attack is Spear Operations Group, incorporated in Delaware and founded by Abraham Golan, a charismatic Hungarian Israeli security contractor who lives outside of Pittsburgh. He led the team’s strike against Mayo.


The CIA said it had no information about the mercenary assassination program, and the Navy's Special Warfare Command declined to comment. A former CIA official who has worked in the UAE initially told BuzzFeed News there was no way that Americans would be allowed to participate in such a program. But after checking, he called back: “There were guys that were basically doing what you said.” He was astonished, he said, by what he learned: “What vetting procedures are there to make sure the guy you just smoked is really a bad guy?” The mercenaries, he said, were “almost like a murder squad.”


Retired US Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal once signed up to sit on the board of a UAE military company. Former Navy SEAL and Vice Admiral Robert Harward runs the UAE division of Lockheed Martin. The security executive Erik Prince, now entangled in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference, set up shop there for a time, helping the UAE hire Colombian mercenaries.

Golan with a member of his mercenary team.

Longgggg article. And I think it’s safe to say you’ll be sick, angry, and thoroughly disgusted by the time you get to the end of it.

This is all fallout from our disastrous wars beginning with Afghanistan and right on through to our bloody meddling in Syria. This is truly obscene. We will pay a heavy price someday for all the deaths and destruction we’ve caused.

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"Your booking for eternity in a special place in Hell has been confirmed. Die. Now. We are waiting."

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surprised to discover that men who are trained to kill without question and without remorse will kill anybody they are asked to kill, if they are paid?

how could any former CIA official be so naive as to suppose that humans can be trivially classified as "bad guys", worthy of being murdered, when the history of the CIA is rife with the arranged killings of various humans whose only crime was that they worked to thwart American foreign policy?

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@UntimelyRippd by lying through their teeth, of course.

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