Album of the Week - 6-4-22

Afternoon folks!

I've got some great stuff for you guys this weekend. There's a late period Mississippi John Hurt album from the great folk scare of the 60's where he recaps his "hits" for the fellows who "rediscovered" him. There's some great blues from Rockin' Tabby Thomas and a whole pile of blues rock follows. There's Dr. Feelgood, Love Sculpture (with Dave Edmunds) and The Yardbirds.


Mississippi John Hurt - Folk Songs and Blues

Rockin' Tabby Thomas - King of the Swamp Blues

Dr. Feelgood - Malpractice

Love Sculpture - Blues Helping

The Yardbirds - Over Under Sideways Down

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thanks for filling those damn blue holes!
used to listen to this away and far gone
while under the influence of Thai sticks
and whatever came back with the folks
from 'nam, opium balls, honey oil and
lots of strange mind bender pills
oh, the good old days
funny how a song will bring it back ..

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glad you enjoyed the john hurt tunes, i have several more of his albums that i'll post over time. he's always been one of my favorite acoustic guitar players.

have a good one!

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