Album of the Week 6-15-24

Afternoon folks!

This week we've got 3 blues albums, 2 Chicago style albums from Fenton Robinson and Mighty Joe Young and one traditional blues album from Arthur Crudup. After that there are albums from Procol Harum and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (a late 80's version of the Bluesbreakers) - and then you can chill out with an album from Leon Redbone (ably assisted by Dr. John and David Bromberg). Finishing off in the diversity department there's an album of early prog rock from The Nice.

Enjoy the tunes and have a great weekend!

Here 'tis:

Fenton Robinson – I Hear Some Blues Downstairs

Mighty Joe Young - Mighty Joe Young

Arthur Big Boy Crudup – Look On Yonder's Wall

Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade Of Pale

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers – Chicago Line

Leon Redbone ~ Red To Blue

The Nice - Ars Longa Vita Brevis

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on those selections, joe. Smile Rec'd for both art and tunes!

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Inner and Outer Space: the Final Frontiers.

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glad you enjoyed the music and art. have a great day!

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Hi Joe,

Great Fenton Robinson and Mighty Joe Young albums! Both great players!

Always appreciate records I have: 'knowledge (or wisdom) takes time, life is short' Ars longa vita brevis! Confirmed Keith Emerson fan here...

Thanks for the great sounds!

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yep, one of my regrets is that i never got to see fenton robinson live, i always enjoyed his playing and would have loved to get up close and take notes.

heh, there's no shortage of keith emerson/elp albums in my collection all of them well played over the years.

have a great evening!

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