Album of the Week - 5-27-23

Afternoon folks!

I hope everybody is having a good holiday weekend. To that end, here's some good stuff for you guys to check out.

There's a Clarence Gatemouth Brown album and a great Sippie Wallace album from the 80's with Bonnie Raitt guesting. After that we've got a bunch of blues rock with Paul Butterfield in his post Butterfield Blues Band period followed by a classic album by The Band. After that there's a compilation of some early Duane and Greg Allman recordings followed by Delaney & Bonnie. We finish up with some prog rock from Nektar.


Here 'tis:

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown - One More Mile

Sippie Wallace With Jim Dapogny's Chicago Jazz Band And Appearances By Bonnie Raitt - Sippie

Paul Butterfield - Better Days

The Band - Cahoots

Duane & Greg Allman

Delaney & Bonnie - Accept No Substitute

Nektar - Remember The Future

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I loved the Gatemouth album, especially the horns. Sippy and Bonnie are great together.

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@janis b

glad you enjoyed the tunes. every time i saw gatemouth he had a great horn section with him, really top notch players.

have a great evening!

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Sorry if you have already talked about this.

Are you finding albums in your collection that are not available on Youtube, Spotify, etc.? Do you think it is worth your time to rip from CDs, LPs, and tapes?

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was my inspiration to start ripping my albums and I'm so grateful for that inspiration. And yes, there are some of those albums that are not available on youtube (or pandora or spotify, etc). Might be able to buy them on discogs, maybe :).

Also ripping that old music to my computer has been great. I'm about half done. It's like getting a bit younger, listening to those old songs that I love(d). It was the same when I transferred all my CDS and cassette tapes. Oh the memories: night clubs, dancing, getting pulled onstage to dance with the bands as they played, finding joy and a reason for being in some of the songs which are not on youtube, but which I remember their lyrical words 40 years later!

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