Album of the Week - 5-20-23

Afternoon folks!

Well, there's a bunch of good stuff this week. There's some zydeco to get things rolling with a compilation of Clifton Chenier's Arhoolie recordings. After that Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder do their best impression of Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee - not to be missed! Doc Watson follows up with a mid-60's album and we change pace after that with Osibisa. Osibisa is a band from Ghana and worth a listen. Following that there's some rock with Foghat and some rock/prog with The Tubes to finish things off.


Here 'tis:

Clifton Chenier - The Very Best Of Clifton Chenier

Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder - Get On Board (The Songs Of Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee)

Doc Watson - Home Again!

Osibisa - Osibisa

Foghat - Boogie Motel

The Tubes - Outside Inside

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you sure know how to cook it up right!


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heh, getting the right amounts of mayo, onion and celery is always the tough part. Smile

have a great weekend!

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for tomorrow's music, eh?
I have heard some Cheniers live in Baton Rouge and NO before they were a thing.
Always great music.
Thanks for the music, friend. Music gets people through some very hard times, doesn't it?
I might be able to get a video tomorrow. We shall see.
Get a rest on Sunday, the day designated for it in part of the world, part of the economic systems.

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@on the cusp Osibisa??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, just a million WOWs!! I love the music and the LP art!! Great choice. Smile Rec'd!!

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Inner and Outer Space: the Final Frontiers.

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heh, i thought folks might get a kick out of osibisa. i have another of their albums in the pipeline for a week or two later.

their cover art was done by roger dean, who did most of the yes album covers.

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@on the cusp

that perhaps y'all might appreciate a zydeco warm up. Smile

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Hi Joe,

Great sheet mon! That Osibisa is crazy good. Weewow! Amazing. Most excellent. Was not familiar with them knowingly, but do love lots of international music. That was great. Thanks for the continuing edumacation! Wink

Loved that Be Bop Deluxe series with the three 'guitar themed' albums. Axe Victim, Futurama, and Sunburst Finish. Peak BBD, along with Live in the Air Age. Hope people listened to them! Shame they never got bigger in the states. If they'd have just looked like stoner hippies and had a more dangerous name. Smile

Thanks for all the great sounds!

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heh, osibisa tried to break in to the american market, but only seemed to get a small following of late-night fm listeners. the were a great band, though. i have a bunch of their albums. i'll put up my favorite of them in a week or two.

i think that bbd was actually crippled by their name, because people probably read it and though - oh, jazzers, nothing to see here. it's a shame.

have a great week!

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