Album of the Week - 4-23-22

Afternoon folks!

I've got some blues and some rock and roll for you this week. There are albums by Homesick James and Earl King with Roomful of Blues. Also Canned Heat's first album and an album by a lesser-known Scottish rock singer Maggie Bell.


Homesick James - Homesick James Ain't Sick No More

Earl King & Roomful of Blues - Glazed

Canned Heat - Canned Heat

Maggie Bell - Queen of the Night

Have a great weekend!

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Good stuff, old buddy.

Don't know if you saw this yet: Guitar Shorty dies at 87.

We're running out of the old timers, the youngunz need to pick up the slack.

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thanks for the heads-up. shorty had a long and interesting career, it's sad he's gone.

heh, we need more new younguns to pick up where giants have left off.

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New to me. Similar to the tones of a young Bonnie Raitt and
a cleaner version of Susan Tedeschi with some of the energy of
Marcia Bell

grassy ass Hermano

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you've probably heard her before, but didn't know it. she has guested on a lot of albums over the years, including a couple of tracks on rod stewart's "every picture tells a story" and the who's symphonic version of "tommy." she was also in the lesser-known rock band stone the crows.

have a great weekend!

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@joe shikspack Such a different and original take. But she pulls it off and it works, at least for me.
And...if you cover a Prine song and fuck it up? Yeah, that's not OK.
Kind of channeling John Prine and a low key Janis Joplin. Good stuff. Thanks...

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js. Your selections got me through the washing of the windows task I set for myself.
Good stuff!
Next up, I want to catch up on last weekends offerings. I've gone through the John Mayall (sp.?) so am on my way. (More windows to go with the rest)

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